Gulag 16 Checkpoint
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North Hamgyong North Korea
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Danny Ford
3 months ago
Glorious Leader Kim Jong Un has truly outdone himself, not only were the beds made of concrete- but I also had several other friendly sorts to keep me company in it. Food was 10/10 brown rice and river water, with just a hint of mold. The guards were very funny, always joking and putting on shows- Like this one time they made a guy and his whole family disappear with magical "Bullets'. All in all this Gulag was one of the finest, and the best part is my entire family gets to stay for 2 more generations.
• • •
Not Jesus's profile photo
Not Jesus
9 months ago
What a great trip. Only about 35 minutes out of the great capital of Pyongyang, The meals were erratic at best and mediocre in taste (4, not 5 stars). It felt like it was always uncooked corn and brown rice. I don't know, I must be going crazy. I got my room key and as it turns out, it was a rat corpse~ The guards here are real jokers! One guy, 밥 존스, said that If I didn't confess my never ending love for the great leader, he'd kill my family. LOL! What a great guy. This woman in which I shared a room with, 탄압의 피해자, was actually shot because I was within 2 feet of her. Note to future visitors: They are strict with their gender separations. (Once again, FOUR out of 5 stars) The sleeping situation was awesome though- Really diverse! They actually managed to get bed bugs INSIDE OF the Concrete! What a delight. I don't know how they did it, but kudos to the staff! I would defenitley recommend the visit~ Great for the whole family. Defenitley the BEST weight loss camp on the Korean Peninsula! 4/5 all the way.
• • •
Barton Junior's profile photo
Barton Junior
2 years ago
I was originally very skeptical of visiting this gulag, but after reading the outstanding reviews, I decided to visit. The guards are extremely friendly, the bathroom was clean, and the food was amazing! I got excellent service for my entire trip. The check-out process was a bit cumbersome but I attribute that to being a new location.
Generalfeldmarschall Erwin Rommel's profile photo
Generalfeldmarschall Erwin Rommel
a year ago
Firstly, I am not being told to post this under gunpoint. Finest gulag I have ever seen. The great and powerful leader Kim Jong Un took me there on his rodmancorn (A unicorn centuar pegasus Dennis Rodman), and gave me patented "Fair Trade True Korea better than imperialist pigs" dog meat. It was exquisite. A little stringy and perhaps a tad maggoty, but overall was a good meal. We saw as in the gulag... Sorry happy fun time party zone the political prisoners... I mean loyal and strong well fed true koreans dug their own graves... *whip crack* Ow! Sorry... danced to Kim Jong Un's latest album, MANDATORY. It goes something like "Ain't no party like a Pyongyang party because a Pyongyang party is ABSOLUTELY MANDATORY." The beds were great; I only found forty eight bedbugs! Overall, great food, great atmosphere, great leaders, and an amazing experience! Fun for the whole family, I loved it!
• • •
Joran Van Heuckelum
a week ago
Everyone had recommended this gulag, but it did not live up to it's standards. Firstly, the food was very bad. It was WAY worse than the other gulags. The rats were way too hard to catch, and they did not taste good. We didn't even get to see glorious leader Kim Jong Un.
Babylon Slim's profile photo
Babylon Slim
in the last week
Code in Open Secret. Authentic Reoccurrence.
Chris Niemeyer's profile photo
Chris Niemeyer
a year ago
Over all this Gulag was pretty good, the great leader did well. While it does not stand up against the holocaust camps its still a great vacation spot to chill out with my friendos. The guest server did not speak english though but after some hours of googling (before they shut down the power) I was able to find out what he was saying. (Something about staying away from the big fence or I get shot). But over all great experence the food was good. (Lots of rice though gets bland later). Any who thank you great leader I shall make sure to come back again with the whole family. Maybe I can finally whip my kids into shape with the training they have here.
• • •
Flamingsharkmingo's profile photo
7 months ago
11/10 Glorious leader built this gulag with his bare hands.