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I have never posted here (nor at Google+) before. Will this be posted in the Cloud Kite Community, or just in Google+? Where is the clue here, in the address bar I just see:, not Cloud Kite or something. So, I have no idea. There is a problem with Cloud Kite. Whereas I formerly used Cloud Kite, and it used to work fine for me, now very few results are showing up. On entering a rather general search term like "food", only 6 results are appearing, and only in the Books section, and always tagged with "G+". In the Cloud section nothing is showing up. On entering other search terms, the results are quite the same. Always resulting in 6 results (not more, not less), only in the Books section, and they are always tagged with "G+". How come? I have checked that I am logged in at Cloud Kite, Google+, Google Drive and Google in general. More Google to be logged in I just cannot imagine. :) What could there be wrong, or, what am I doing wrong? Please help. Thanks.
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