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SHEIN Wishlist
Hello my beauties! Here is the Shein wishlist I told you about. You already know that Shein is one of my favourite online stores. They always have the newest trends and their style is always unique and stylish. After spring, I hope the summer will be hot an...

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ZAFUL Wishlist
Happy Easter! Today, I'm going to show you a wishlist with ZAFUL items. I picked the most trendy things this spring and year, which you will see everywhere. You already know how I love ZAFUL items. Their quality and excelent cooperation aren't what impresse...

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Casual with Shein
Hey, whazz up? I'm such a great mood today. I know, it's Monday, but people if it's Monday that doesn't mean that you must automaticly be in a bad mood. Be a little positive. My good mood is maybe because of the weather. Last week was really cold and rainy....

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Old but gold
How are you my beauties? Does the spring make you happy like me? I love this time when the flowers are in the focus and also when the days are warm and sunny. I feel so refreshed these days. I found myself again. I read your comments every time from every p...

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New story
Hey, I really don't know how to start my post anymore.What words can I use for the beginning. I always try to ask how are you and talk about my week or day. Today I'm going to skip that part and tell you about my feeling these days. I never talked about my ...

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What's up?! Exams have ended and classes are starting again. I love my college, because of that it's not so boring. Last week's days were sunny, so I took some time and took these photos. It's already raining this week. I really don't like rain when I have ...

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Black Angel
Hello again, How are you? Here is the post I've told you about. Elegant and glamorous like the post before. The name ''Black Angel'' of this post is thanks to the dress I wear, but you will see why on the end of the post. After this post I will  make some c...

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Valentine's day with SHEIN
Happy Valentine's day dears! I have some great dresses that will make your boyfriends really amazed of your beauty. SHEIN has really everything you need. Here are some dresses that they made for you just to be beautiful for this special day of love. Click o...

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Be a lady
Hello girls and maybe boys! Have you ever felt that you want to look more glamurous and sexy? Yes, sure you did! I noticed that many of my posts were casual or boho style. So, I wanted to show you my elegant and glamurous style in this post and the next one...

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Hello everyone!  The Spring is coming. The snow melted and the flowers are showing up already. Today was such a beautiful day and I went out with my niece (Yes, I'm auntie). I've got the idea to make her my model for the Born Pretty Store jewelry review. Sh...
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