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Duplicate Bridge for Android, iPad and iPhone
Duplicate Bridge for Android, iPad and iPhone

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BJ Bridge Release 6.0 is now out on Android. Find it at . It brings better scoring of club sessions and now includes 1000 club sample deal files to try out, comparing your results against real players.

6.0 also adds the bidding conventions Two-over-One & Landy, and offers a free SAYC version.

Happy Christmas!
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BJ Bridge - BriJ is now at Version 2 on iOS.
This release features manual card dealing, enhanced deal saving and deletion, improved scorecard information, particularly for your club sessions, Landy convention in Pro and much more!

Did you know? There are now 4 apps available on iPhone / iPad including the SAYC version for the Standard American Yellow Card system.

Thank you for your support!
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BJ Bridge Pro is now out on the iTunes App Store.

This joins BJ Bridge Lite (free) which uses a fairly simple, fixed Benji Acol system. 
Also the free BJ Bridge Beginner Acol that has been available for some time.

Hope you enjoy playing them. Here’s a link: 

Happy New Year!
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We are pleased to announce the launch of the free “BJ Bridge Beginner Acol” version of BriJ for iPhones and iPads on the iTunes App Store. Find it at .
Like the Android “Duplicate Bridge Beginner” game, available from Google Play and Amazon AppStore, this duplicate bridge game is specially designed for beginners learning the Acol system of bidding. It follows the "Bridge for All" Foundation Level recommended for students by the English Bridge Union (EBU).
As well as offering unlimited random deals, it includes practice hands from the EBU "Red Book". All totally free!
At every stage the game offers hints and advice on bidding and playing the hand. There are automatic links to explain unfamiliar bridge terms, so you should never be left wondering what to do!
Connect up with other players. Practice bidding and playing as a partnership. Play anywhere without Internet access!
New for iPhone / iPad versions: Download a bridge club session and see your results for each board you bid and play, compared directly to players’ results at the club.
News flash! The Pro version will be arriving shortly, extending the features to include total control over your choice of bidding system and conventions. Watch this space!
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Over 1 million games now played every month!

Our BriJ family of Duplicate Bridge apps now includes a Lite version playing Benji Acol, a Pro version with a wide choice of bidding styles and a recent addition: Duplicate Bridge beginner. The latter follows the EBU bidding as taught to many students in their first year of learning.

Merry Christmas!
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BriJ Release 5.0 out today
This is the much anticipated upgrade for BJ Bridge Pro!

Now available on Google Play at
Amazon version coming very soon.
▶ Much improved ‘Advanced Play Engine’ with option to show alternative card plays
▶ Extended hints: glossary links for bridge jargon and presentation of occasional news flash items
▶ Layout changes: ‘(v)’ now signals vulnerable directions (plus colour coding); Dummy height reduced in some modes...
▶ Improved bidding: many changes resulting from user feedback
▶ Red Book: now shows page numbers; automatically rotates to show the target hand; additional help included for some deals
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New Android app launched today!
An Acol beginner version of the popular BJ Bridge duplicate bridge game. Based around the English Bridge Union's Acol "Foundation Level" teaching, designed for first-year students. No set-up required and It has even more flexible hinting mechanisms than the other products.
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20,000 duplicate bridge games now played every day on BriJ.

That's working towards 1,000,000 games per month. Thanks to everyone for playing!

Take a look at for the latest statistics.
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BriJ Pro R4.08 with Bluetooth connectivity enhancements is out now. Take a look on the BriJ Forum
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BriJ Pro Release 4.0 is out. Biggest upgrade yet!

Happy Christmas to all our supporters and thank you for all the feedback during the year.

This release includes:

▶ Simpler choice for your bidding style via streamlined settings screens
· 3 levels of Acol (including EBU Foundation and EBU level 2)
· 3 levels of SAYC (including ABCL recommended card)
· 2 levels of Benji Acol
▶ New conventions introduced
· Baron 3C and ‘normal’ Stayman added to Puppet Stayman over 2NT
· Jacoby 2NT strong suit support for partner
· Truscott 2NT suit support after partner suit opener is doubled
· Ogust response to weak 2s looking for game
· Inverted minors, denying a major and looking for game
· Unassuming cue bids to show strong support for partner overcall
· Splinters to show strong suit support plus singleton or void
· Strong jump overcall choice used in beginner systems
· Weak take-out choice after 1NT as alternative to Transfers
▶ Internationals matches
· BriJ can now download .LIN (often used for major competitions) as well as .PBN files
· Load deal comes with a TOURNAMENT folder preloaded with some International matches
· More to come in later releases
▶ Fixes and improvements
· Look and feel: smarter default layout and cards. Shorter default put-away tricks delay time
· Bidding: some improved inferences
· Play: some improvement to play, particularly toward the end of a game. More major review in the new Year.
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