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Rob Denaburg
Don't really go on G+ much...
Don't really go on G+ much...

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I really don't use G+ much... get at my on twitter or fb or something if you're actually looking for me

+Andrew Ellis dirty 'stache. So greasy.

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Leafs last Stanley Cup champion goalie (Johnny Bower) chats with hopefully the soon-to-be newest one (Reimer)? from @schwabey on twitter
“You play with one of those fancy masks, whippersnapper?”

James Reimer chats with Leafs legend Johnny Bower. Photo credit to @schwabey on twitter.

so, +Jacob Waxman ... im trying to write TO someone. seems like this is the only way you can do it.

so far, this seems like it combines the 'communication with friends' aspect of facebook and the 'following people and interests' aspect of twitter. if everyone gets on board, google might have itself a winner? who knows... it would be pretty hard to eclipse both Facebook and Twitter.

the best part about this is i can probably play around with at work... where FB is blocked.

still figuring this whole Google+ thing out...
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