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WAZUP MY PIXIES !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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O ya ethan your also a pixie just not kings lol
Ohhhh Minji... lol 😃😃
I would start, but you got lucky.....
You all know what I'm talking about right?
never mind. but i know minji and john knows.....LOL.
i know what u mean. i STARTED the tradition!
And I do know what the teasing is!!!! Hehe

so... hows life from down there. :) hehe jk
i wouldn't joke about that. u have at LEAST 30 feet on renee =P jk
Haha lol IKR!!! Hehe jk LUV U RENEE
umm... raises hand =P jk
haha ur so nice eded. LOL. i love how john is probably just looking at these posts and wanting nothing to do with them. :)
well, they DO have to do with renee. a little...
Hey did nt no so many love me...aren't I just so ...AWESOME?
Tiana k
lik boys or girls renee?
Tiana k
ya we al luv u, u r so luvable
Heh heh ... that's me!
oh tatally renee :) do u even need 2 ask?!
i don't love her.
heck, i don't even know her!
jk but im shure they are cool
Awww feelin the love guys.
Tiana k
renee u r so cute!
Awwww thanks guys heart u too
I know u do. Hehe jk
wow. 58 comments. we have way too much time... =D
IKR. omg now it's 61. we are such kids of our generation :)
62 comments and just on how renees so cute
I no u think its tru john
Hah I new it u just can't resist my awesomeness
I no its to great...haha
No they like me cuz I'm me and no body else
Kind cute nice friendly helpful alo' those
awwwww John is in love. hahaha jk. lil sis!!!!!! EVERYONE LOVES YOU!!! she gets it from her mountain sis. hehe
yea i get it from my sis
and i think i know who that is....
i do and i need to come over to ur house minji and crash the party
yeah. MY humus, ham and crackers from MY house. and ikr. her mountain sis is just so amazing and wonderful and awesome and amazing and awesome and amazing. I wonder who that could be... :)
i know minji right. she is. and yeah they WERE at kelkel's house
Hah coolio lil sis in the house yo...haha
SO is mountain sis!!
Yea the whole family man
Awwwwww poop where is that dead gummy bear
O me gosh is minjago still in the house?
Im just going to stay quiet and watch
lol, this is quite entertaining if you ask me.....=P
... i feel like is i say anything it'll ruin the scene...but actually, this is kinda boring. you guys got to throw in some violence
why are you guys all over her? dont take this the wrong way,im just asking. im jacks friend from his old school by the way.
awhhhh. yu lil 6th gradersss <3
yu guys r too cutee fureall
they get it from me.=P
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