Please help me out here. How am I supposed to work as a - I almost said "social worker" - I mean a social business worker, or what I really mean is a knowledge worker, that obviously utilize collaborative tools or work in a collaborative environment to get things done? 
I can't use my working day scanning through streams, the same way I can't spend all my time looking through newspapers. How do you effectively use social business tools? 
Working on a case/project/task/subject, I need to connect to get - first of all connect with related information and also people that work on that information. All related information should come to me when I need it. When I work on the subject, that's when I'm inclined to participate in discussions about it. 
About a year ago I wrote this blog:
Do you agree - this is how social business tools should work to make knowledge worker effective. The technology is there. Is this how vendors of social business tools thinks or do most have the Facebook mantra?
I'd like to know your experience. Perhaps there's papers on best practice.  
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