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HUGE Improv Theater

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HUGE Theater is once again honored and excited to be the venue for the Black and Funny Improv Festival!!!
Get your tickets and register for workshops online now (yes, white people should do it)

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COMING SOON - May is a big month at HUGE Theater!

Mondays -  7pm - $7
Butch Roy and Hannah Wydeven are putting the MAYHEM in May!  
Your ticket gets you into Show X as well
May 11, 18, 25th only!

Wednesdays - 8pm - $7
TROIKA winners "Flowers For Megatron" 
Shivvin Me Kittens returns!
The HW debut of the Hall of Presidents!
And Away Fest kicks off!

Fridays - NEW Happy Hour Show! - 6:30pm - $7
Nimblicity is Bainer, DallaValle, Dillon, Harris, Litz, Scott, Tubbs and Winner - your $7 gets you a ticket and a drink.
Come relax, loosen your tie and laugh.

8pm - Throwgram 2 : Close Quarters
A brand new form and show based on the Close Quarters
Things are going to get...intimate

9:30pm - Second Wave Feminist Nightmare Enclave
These are not your wives, secretaries or mothers. 

10:30pm - Five Man Job opens up your mind and warms up the stage for the return of the Bearded Men
Bearded Men Improv presents Bearded Manor!
An improvised tale of position and power.

Saturdays - 8pm - KaBaam!!
Adventure-Likers Assemble!!!!
The improvised golden age comic returns to the stage at HUGE Theater with new origin stories, new heroes and new art!

9:30pm - The Mess
What else do you need to know?

10:30pm - M4W
The lovelorn trio is back with an all-new show to carve out a piece of your hearts!  
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Ferrari McSpeedy is coming to Mondays in March!
The high-powered duo will perform their signature form of madness at 7pm every Monday in March - tickets will be $7 and will get you into Show X at 8pm as well!
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There are no shows at December 24th, 25th or 31st
We wanted to make sure our staff has those evenings off to enjoy their holidays with friends and family!

Comics Come Home for the Holidays!
One of our favorite events every year - it started 8 days after we opened when we got a message that someone all the way out in LA had already heard about our little theater. We've loved having Casey Feigh, Johnny Pemberton, Johnny Meeks and everyone else come back every year to perform for friends and family ever since!
Two shows this year, 4pm & 6pm on Saturday December 27th
These shows WILL sell out. 
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Happy Tuesday, everyone
Just getting everything cleaned up and ready for the Glassworks show and workshops - putting all the chairs where they belong. 
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Sunday December 7th - it's the 4th Annual Improviser of the Year Awards at HUGE Theater! 

Everyone is invited to get dressed up and attend - everyone that attends can be nominated - and the winner is selected at random.  The IOtYA is our fun way of marking the anniversary of the very first show at HUGE Theater and we mark the occasion by celebrating all our wonderful volunteers and staff every year.

Come join us - you just might win!
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We have more fun than should be possible while doing the extremely improbable - thank you, everyone, for an amazing GTMD!
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