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A Brief Profile of Sesshoumaru:

Sesshoumaru is an adolescent demon puppy who thinks that he is more grown up than actuality. Like many teenagers and younger adults, he is a know-it-all brat who believes himself to be indestructible. This leads him to be overly arrogant and confident about his abilities, and thus leap into situations without first thinking about the long-term or immediate consequences. When faced with the repercussions of his ill-thought-out actions, his stubborn refusal to see his own faults makes it hard to learn from his own mistakes. He is also a vain, prissy boy who is always flicking and running his fingers through his hair. He keeps it real long and shiny, and probably uses a lot of conditioner to keep it all smooth and clean. He also wars a big furry boa thing that he probably took from his mother.

Sesshoumaru is an emotionally constipated youkai. He rarely displays emotions other than that of murderous intent when he doesn’t get his way. He has a hard time talking to other people. So, when faced with emotionally trying situations, he often clams up and does not say anything at all. His tendency toward silence when around other people is also a sign of his inability to communicate. When he does talk, his words are often rudely spoken and offensive.

Sesshoumaru is a racist, youkai supremacist. He dislikes half-breeds, especially his little brother, and sees them as impure things. Although they may sometimes be amusing, he despises humans be believes them to be weak. Yet, he is also a hypocrite because he has taken a small human girl under his protection—although she is more than likely just an amusing pet which he keeps around to distract Jaken from being underfoot.

Sesshoumaru has daddy issues. Since he was young, he had always aspired to surpass his father’s ability and to gain approval in his father’s eyes. However, his father died before any of this could be accomplished. His father’s last days were spent protecting his younger half-brother; for this, Sesshoumaru both hates Inuyasha and his jealous of the boy. He feels that his father loved the bastard hanyou child more his own full-youkai son, because his inheritance was passed down to the younger child. Sesshoumaru was left with nothing but a useless sword which couldn’t be used for killing. Because Sesshoumaru is essentially a spoiled only-child, he covets his baby half-brother’s things and does not want to share his father’s inheritance.

Sesshoumaru is also a Mama’s Boy and a spoiled brat. His mother neglected Sesshoumaru by giving him everything he ever wanted, while at the same time, chastising him for his sporadic bouts of compassion before leaving him to his own devices. Now, any signs of affection from his Mother are rejected, or ignored, as that Sesshoumaru has become a highly independent and rebellious teenager that ran away from his responsibilities as Lord of the West so that he may seek to become more powerful, and to torment Inuyasha. He only visits his mother when he needs something tangible from her, but would otherwise avoid her. Due to his absent father, and his distant yet overbearing mother, it is little wonder that Sesshoumaru is now a psychopathic killer.

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If drawing animals aren't your forte, then I suggest checking out this book by Jack Hamm. It's not your average how-to-draw-animals book. Rather than just showing a few vague bubble-to-figure drawings, as most do, this book does a great job at providing in-depth information on the motion mechanics and anatomy of varying animals in order to give the reader a greater understanding of their movement and form.

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