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Beautiful... we must end the fallacy that freedom and rights are drawn from some finite and impossible to replenish reserve, where allowing gays to marry somehow diminishes heterosexual unions; or that a guarantee for women to control their own reproductive systems is charged against the account of religious freedom.
Group rights automatically violate one's unalienable rights. Everyone is a minority to someone else's group preconception.
"Gay" marriage isn't the problem, it is the idea of marriage that is the problem.

The idea of getting marriage, is asking a third party to legitimize your relationship with another party that has nothing to do with the relationship.
The problem is actually people imposing their idea of their values upon others as if that magically is somehow their right to do so.
Jonathan, I'm oppose to the current status quo, which is the manifestation of a collectivist mentality. No one can fight collectivism from a collectivist perspective.

If one isn't for the unalienable rights and sovereignty of the individual, then they are just a collectivist by another name. Collectivism is gang rape on the individual.
Exactly Peter.

It is the collectivist mentality, where one gets the idea they have a right to impose their value system on another.
The irony of those being "righteous" imposing their special magical allegedly "moral" values from their invisible sugar daddy is that "being righteous" is actually the biggest "sin" (not that sin exists, just using their terms of reference) as it leads men and women to impose their values upon others and most often in ways that harm the people their are imposing upon, often causing emotional or physical harm, economic harm, and even violence and bloody death, all in the name of their allegedly "being moral".

What they are blind to is that their so called "morals" are those of Bronze Dark Age violent repressive warrior men of the middle east and as such as actually immoral compared to today's evolved and modernized morals.

Of course modern moral values are still evolving. There are many billions of humans still living under the brutal immoral systems of the religions of the world that need their freedom from the imposed immorality of the religious.
The irony is, reality establishes right from wrong, where being moral is doing what is right. Religion subverts reality in order to be able to establish right from wrong for someone else, which is criminal.
Objective Morality uses observation to see and measure the harm done and then says that anything that causes that harm to a sentient living being is immoral.
Religion is the precursor to government, where politics is used to give the delusion of the authority of the collective to get the individual to do what they could never get them to do individually. Pure criminality.
Even the well meaning attempt to help can cause harm, especially when done by cult members of the cult of government who might be well meaning, oh wait sending in Big Brother Storm Troopers in Full Battle Gear against peaceful protesters isn't well meaning in any reality.
Well meaning or not, if one drives the get away car in a robbery they are as complicit as the one that holds the gun.

Anyone that gives their allegiance to an organized crime syndicate called the US Government are as guilty of the crimes of the collective as the ones that do the crimes.
What is worse is that the use of the horrifying notion of "nationalism" glues people to the Cult of Government (in which ever country) by the "it's our country" faith stricken nationalistic belief system. This may be the greatest threat to humanity as the various Government Cults around the world are the largest mass murdering killers on the planet.
How Obama, Hilary, Biden, Bush Jr., Bush Sr., Clinton, Gore, ... can go to bed a night and live with the knowledge that they just mass murdered children and families with their mass murderous orders (dropping drones on their homes for example) and still consider themselves "moral" people is utterly beyond me.
>still consider themselves "moral" people is utterly beyond me.

It is the delusion of grandeur of the collectivist mentality, "government said is as much of a fraud as "god said".

All collectivism is, is a facade for the criminally insane to hide their criminality behind.
+Stefen Randall I'm not sure how I read that last post, since you must have written it on your home-brew OS, connected to a proprietary network and broadcasting to a social network of one... ;-)
Jonathan, is because you have been brainwashed from birth not to be able to think outside the box. It is dangerous to think for one's self in a criminal society.
+Stefen Randall Boy, are you perceptive: may as well call me G. Gordon Liddy, Jr.
But in order to totally prove what a brainwashed pawn of The Man I am, why don't you go to my G+ profile post history and start quoting me?
I'm pretty certain that my far-left 'socialist' viewpoints have me on government list far more sinister than those involving 'No Fly' matters...
But then again, you might find people who have complex or flexible world-views suspect. Perhaps I'm an agent of the UN, working to establish a New World Order under the sole authority of the Illuminati and George H.W. Bush via Skull & Bones? That would be crazy talk, right?
Brad D
I agree with this given that the rights in question are actually equal, and not overcompensation in the other direction (see Affirmative Action).
+Brad D Legal and lawful are two different things. Slavery can be made legal but it is never lawful. Everyone is born uniquely distinct inherently unequal so equal rights can never be made lawful.
+Stefen Randall If nothing else, thank you for providing evidence that the ancient Chinese proverb is true: The last thing a fish will discover is the existence of water. And if you don't understand the proverb, it just proves it further.
+Jonathan Bates The fact that you keep trying to make this discussion about me when I have nothing to do with the discussion, only proves your ineptness in understanding the topic. Come back when you can address the topic with any grasp of reality.
Equality is only a concept in math; which to take from one, to give to another, to make equal, is theft. Created equally, Equal outcome, Equal rights, Equal opportunities are all concepts of theft from one, to make up for the inferiority of another.

To promote equality, one has to have a criminal mentality.
WTF? That's just plain idiocy +Stefen Randall. You promote equality of human beings by promoting Freedom and Liberty for All! All really does mean All!!! As long as you don't harm anyone why would you have any less rights than anyone else? You don't.

Your opportunities might not be the same. The choices you make might not be the same. The outcomes you get might not be the same even if you made all the same choices and had the same opportunities. That's reality but that isn't what is meant my equal rights.

No one has any less rights than you +Stefen Randall and you have no less rights than anyone else. The State doesn't give rights, it's there to ensure that everyone's rights are protected. Sure it doesn't always work out that way to say the least, as human history has shown.

The State is usually the one abusing peoples rights (as well as bullies and people) attempting to impose their narrow notions of prudish morality and that is an ongoing problem that needs to be dealt with constantly. We need better solutions for that. The State sure takes away rights from certain groups. That is a serious problem. Especially for visible minorities, including the minority of one, you.

Often it's the Tyranny Of The Majority or some immoral pernicious value system of the majority or of the Cult Members of the Cult of Government that is the problem imposing their non-equal rights agenda upon others. That's the case with same sex marriage for example.

Oh, and "entitlements" are not rights, they are legislated obligations the Cult Members of the Cult of Government have imposed upon people for better or worse.
>You promote equality of human beings by promoting Freedom and Liberty for All!

The two are concepts are incongruent of each other.

One is born free and one only encumbers themselves by contract. Example: one can not be free and be married at the same time.

NO one on earth is equal, so to politically force equality is not only criminal, but it takes away the freedom of the one that is being forced.
>No one has any less rights than you

One only has unalienable rights.

Reality establishes that everyone has a life independent one from another, which gives one their right to protect that life from anyone that wants to violate it. This framework establishes one's unalienable rights that no one on earth is god and has the right or authority to violate another's individual rights and individual sovereignty.

Any politically established rights violate one's unalienable rights.
Well your rights are not created by some document that uses the word "unalienable".

We have Natural Rights that are the result of our actual existence as living sentient beings with a desire to continue to exist.
We also have "legal" rights created by humans through Agreement Reality for better or worse.
There are no "legal rights" out side of the agreement. Two people can't bind a third that is not a party to the agreement.
Well the government cult members make believe that they can bind you or I and others at the stroke of their magical pen. Amazing fantasy of theirs, isn't it?
Well the government cult members make believe that they can bind you or I and others at the stroke of their magical pen. Amazing fantasy of theirs, isn't it?
What is more amazing though is that the government cult members make believe that they can use their magical pens to deny people their Natural Born Rights given to them by Nature and to thus discriminate against those people even to the point of mass murdering them.
The ruling elite are criminally insane. To impose your will upon others to limit their natural born rights is vile indeed. People have a natural born right to marry whom they choose as long as it's consensual (if it's not consensual they are violating the rights of the other person and they don't have a natural born right to do that).