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#AskJaitley When is BJP's election manifesto going to be out ? With less than two weeks to go before the first vote is cast, we haven't heard a word on manifesto or vision document. You have paid price for delay in announcing CM candidate for Delhi. Why repeat similar mistake ? Young India is gunning to know what you plan to do. I hope you don't delay it any further & bring it out in public domain as soon as possible.

Dear +Punit Soni +Motorola Mobility , How many 16 GB #MotoG  you gave to Flipkart ? They are sold out within 15 minutes. It doesn't appear in 15 minutes 10 K or half a million Moto G were sold that Flipkart ran out of inventory. I am assuming only a couple of hundred (not even 500) were put for sale by Flipkart & it was game over already.

It's not even a global launch. So, for inventory to dry out so soon is surprising.

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Participate in +Qatar Airways contest to travel business class with them & watch tennis from the court side.

So, I didn't RMA but a recent issue I have noticed in the past 3-4 days. 

Initially, the battery used to give me great standby time. However, that has suddenly changed.

Also, screen on time which I was able to clock at 4+ hours is now considerably reduced to 2+ hours.

Any thoughts on what has changed ?

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+The Verge Winners of India Nexus 7 Contest being treated unfairly. 

I hope you can help to spread the word to the people who matter to correct this.

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+KIT KAT It has been reported that the winners of your Nexus 7 contest in India have been receiving the Nexus 7 2012 tablets instead of the Nexus 7 2013 which has been given all over the world as prize.

It's a clear betrayal of trust as the contest tagline read as 'Be the first 1000 to win the new Nexus 7 tablets" and pictures clearly depicted the Nexus 7 2013. 

I hope some remedial action is taken for the same in India.

P.S : I am one of the contest winners though yet to receive my tablet.

+Gautham Yerroju Did you get any update on your RMA ? When you will be getting new device ? What's the process ?

To RMA or not to RMA ?
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