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David Frahm
Tech entrepreneur, product creator, startup coach
Tech entrepreneur, product creator, startup coach

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I still have a very confusing Chrome vs Android app experience when it comes to the app launcher...

I have both Inbox (by Google) apps installed, yet neither has an icon overlay so I can tell them apart. Have to just launch and see :(

Made slightly more confusing by the suggestion to install some other non-Google Inbox app. (Those should not even be allowed in the Google Web Store, IMHO).

I'm having trouble identifying my Android app icons from Chrome app icons. (I have both types for a few apps because of features unique to each.)

Anyone have ideas on how to differentiate them?

Not sure why Google removed the overlay early on. Seemed useful to me.

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To me this looked like a concept for something Chrome OS could evolve into. Lots of material-like motion design there even.

Whenever I capture a screenshot in Chrome OS, then use the "Copy to clipboard" action that shows up in the notification, it doesn't seem to actually copy the image to the clipboard.

Or maybe it's a fault of the apps where I'm trying to paste it?

If this works for you please share where/how.

Need to run a SQL query in BigQuery and save results to a date partitioned table, every day.

I do this manually now, but what's the most simple way to automate this?

I use multiple profiles/logins on my Chromebook, and sometimes want to share a file between them. (An actual file, like a PDF or image -- not a Drive document.)

What's the easiest way to do that?

I figure I could use a USB drive, but would rather find a way to have a "public" type of folder or something built-in like that.

What if all this Pixel name and branding will lead to the Andromeda-or-whatever-it-is future OS being named Pixel OS?

Seeing how Google only uses "Pixel" for the really polished high quality devices made me wonder if this is all leading somewhere bigger.

Would be really great of people would stop cross-posting.

My Google+ feed is full of the same posts across Chromebooks and Chrome OS communities.

Please pick the most relevant one and let it be.

I'm an app developer who loves Chromebooks, with some time this fall to start a new project.

Would love your ideas as to what app I should create.

So what app do you wish you had, or what need do you see in the Chromebook world?

Any resources for parents who want help their kids' school get more Chromebooks, and do more with them?

In my parent role, these problems have the added challenge of figuring out how to sell the idea to my school.

* How do we bridge the gap between schools with limited tech knowledge and parents/kids who are ahead of the curve?
* I want my school to buy more Chromebooks, but they say they don't have the money. So I need to figure out how other schools are doing this, including huge 1:1 rollouts, so I can show my school that this is actually possible.
* My school has some Chromebooks, but they don't use them much. How do I work with teachers to show them what's possible? How do we get teachers educated so they are competent with Chromebooks?

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