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How To Puzzle Cache
Tips, tricks and lessons on puzzle cache solving.
Tips, tricks and lessons on puzzle cache solving.

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I sat down with the fine folks at Open Caching North America and answered some questions they had about the book, which has now been published as an interview on their blog.

It was a great interview, and we touched on some subjects that haven't come up elsewhere, so if you are curious about the book, how it came together, and the author himself, go have a read.

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Thinking about ordering How to Puzzle Cache as a Christmas gift?

Today (12/18) is the last day (in the U.S.) for guaranteed Christmas shipping from Lulu using their Expedited service.

Tomorrow (12/19) will be last day (in the U.S.) for guaranteed Christmas shipping from Lulu using their Express service.

Time to reveal the answer to yesterday's Mystery Monday puzzle.

The answer is all about perspective and perception.

Which direction is the car facing? What would those numbers look like from the perspective of the car? From that direction it's easy to see that the sequence 16, 06, 68, 88, 98 is actually the sequence 86, 88, 89, 90, 91, upside down! So the car is in space #87!

This puzzle falls into the category of a "Lateral Thinking" puzzle, covered in Chapter 15 of the book!

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It's Mystery Monday! On Mondays I will be posting a puzzle for your practice and enjoyment. They aren't necessarily geocaching related, but they will train your brain to start looking at things the way a puzzle writer does. The more puzzles you've solved, the easier the next one is!

Have a look at the photo below. Can you explain the numbering system in this parking lot? What number spot is the car actually parked in? Like most good riddles, there are several clues hiding in plain sight, and the answer, once you see it, is clear as day.

"+1" if you know the answer, but please don't spoil the puzzle in the comments! Answers tomorrow.

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It's Resource Friday! As a supplement to the book I will be posting puzzle solving resources here each Friday. 

This week I am featuring the website Free Map Tools. 

This site has tons of mapping tools, from the basics like distance measuring, to the more obscure, like radius maps (great for cache placement!), a tool for drawing concentric circles on a map, and a tool to find the antipodes of a point on a map (the exact opposite point on the other side of the Earth). This kind of site is useful for coordinate based puzzles, and puzzles where waypoint projection, or orienteering principles might be at work. 

Do you have a favorite puzzle caching resource? Share it in the comments and I'll add it to the list of sites to be featured on future Fridays!

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