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Storytelling from the Cloud
Storytelling from the Cloud

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Moving to the NetSuite Financial Application Cloud Service

For any particular application there are seven ways to move to the cloud.  One of the ways is to implement an application cloud service from a new supplier.  An international retailer with a centralized Oracle Financials on premises corporate application was faced with the question of how to bring their stores into the cloud.  Deploying an Oracle Financials application in each of 300 locations was deemed to expensive and time consuming. Instead they decided to implement NetSuite financial application cloud services at each of the stores.  In less than three months they completed the rollout. Interestingly, the CFO said for the first time he could actually see how much each of the stores were spending in telephone bills, which is something they never had visibility into before. .

For more on this and other application cloud services check out the new cloud computing trilogy.

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Evren Eryurek Likes the Cloud Computing Trilogy

GE Healthcare is an over $18 billion segment of GE. It is a global leader in delivering healthcare clinical, business, and operational solutions with its medical equipment, information technologies, life sciences and service technologies covering settings from physician offices to integrated delivery networks. As the Software CTO of GE Healthcare, Evren is responsible for leading all software technology activities that drive customer success and delivering improved patient outcomes.

When asked why did you Like the books? He said, "I loved the innovative approach to sharing best practices and tangible examples." and how will he use it? "The books will be a great asset as we rapidly move to cloud based solutions and business models."

To learn more about Cloud Computing Trilogy, visit

To learn more about Evren, visit
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Change Management NOT powered by people, but by operations management cloud services from BMC

BMC provides a operations management cloud service to Specsaver.

Specsaver is the largest privately owned optical chain in the world, with revenues of a couple billion dollars per year. They operate at a very high volume levels, 20 to 30 times the volume of any traditional optometrist. As a result of their business model, they have gone global. Specsaver has a thousand stores across the United Kingdom and Europe and is expanding into the rest of Europe as well as into Australia and New Zealand. They chose to use the BMC cloud service to manage changes for over 200 applications that run the Specsaver business.

For more on other operations management cloud services and the role of change management in delivering cloud services check out the first and second volume of the cloud computing trilogy: Cloud Computing - Fundamentals ( and Cloud Computing - Operation Efficiency (
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