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Miguel Ángel Friginal
Indie iPhone developer behind Mystery Coconut, LLC.
Indie iPhone developer behind Mystery Coconut, LLC.


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If you are an #idevblogaday author (either in the main list or the waiting list), or are interested in becoming one, please head over here and sign up to the group:

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The redesign of my site is done! I even wrote a lazy recap about the last 5 months!

If you had to teach programming (games, in case it was not clear) to kids 9+ what would you use? I am partial to Processing, or JavaScript, but some of you on Twitter recommended Python, Ruby, and even Java (o.O!). Take into account I want to engage the kids and get them on a path of discovery and fun (no OO, pointers, complex data structures, less abstraction, etc. is a plus), but at the same time give them some useful foundations to grow from.

You are in a maze of twisty little passages, all alike. Exits: N to Stream, NE to Twitter, NW to Facebook, W to Sparks, SW to Photos, S to Flickr, Up to Hangouts, Down to iChat… You see: nothing. Productivity is not here.
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