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"Empty Building, February 2016"

The best means of capturing the moment you have is whatever recording device in your hands. In this case, it was my work iPhone 4.

I can be drawn to lines of darn near any sort.
I can be drawn to darn near any available light.

The view is across the empty first floor of a just finished "shell" of a 6-story building in San Jose. Long shadows from the just risen sun. A myriad of lines, from the parallel ones of columns and window frames, to the shadow play converging on the distant sun.

At various times at work, I've had everything from a dSLR, to my personal Samsung phone, to the work iPhone, to my old and retired old Razr phone with its 1.4mp "camera."

#sunrise #iphone #lines #february #sanjose #wintersun


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"Orange Morning Sun through Tomato"

This Sunday morning's sunrise color.

Our tomato plant is nicely backlighted and silhouetted against the smoky-orange hazy sky, in middle Central Valley, California.

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2016 Calendar images

This is a what almost was. I had this ready to publish in very late November, then ran into a nightmarish work schedule of long days being stuck with fixing other people's mistakes, long commutes, throughout December and into mid-January. By then, the idea of making a calendar for this year seemed a little after-the-fact.

So, the 13 images - twelve months plus cover - are simply shared here. I have them for 2017 - which I'll start planning in July, hoping there aren't extraordinary new images captured after September!

I have prints available, in the meantime.

#sierra #sierranevada #yosemitenationalpark  
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Sunday, February 14, 2016.

My first visit to Millerton Lake SRA, California; my wife's first return since childhood.

We enjoyed the hazy/filtered morning sunlight across the landscape, but especially with the wildflowers that were already out. I appreciated I could still throw a close-focusing lens on the camera, to get down to eye level with the color in the grasses.

Here: bush lupine and a macro study in selective focus.

Enjoy a bit of early California springtime in the Sierra foothill country...

#wildflowers #wildflower #california #lupine #naturephotography #macrophotography #hqspmacro  
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Sunday, February 14, 2016.
Millerton Lake State Rec Area, California.

My wife and I had good, soft light with hazy sunlight through thin morning clouds. I had the willingness to lay down on foam to get eye-level in macro fashion with the early spring wildflowers found around the 600 ft elevation on the east side of the Central Valley.

Here, it's a species of common fiddleneck.

#wildflowers #california #centralvalley  

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"Through the Warped Glass"

Glass for a window that is far from "modern" isn't as invisibly transparent as what we would expect these days.

Go back 100 and more years, and you discover the window glass offers forth its own interpretation of what you find looking through it.

Fort Ross, northern California coast. It is still somewhat of a secret to most Californians, native and transplanted, that there was a presence on the coast of Russia. (Spain's mission establishment was a blocking chess move.)

This is a view through original window glass of the open courtyard. Despite the perceived reputation, the fort's cannon, pictured here, were never fired in anger. They had good relationships with those in the neighborhood, from natives to the Bay Area missions.


#fortross #russians #california #californiahistory  

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"No you can't" for #caterday #caturdayeveryday #feline  

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We're losing our generation's musicians.

I'd really like to think someone will be left in December.
WTF is going on?

R.I.P Glenn Frey.

Say hello to Lemmy Kilmister, David Bowie and Alan Rickman for me, will ya?
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