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Potluck BBQ Signup.
Post in the comments what item you plan to bring to the event to share.
Bring your own beverage and alcohol will be allowed at the event. Please drink responsibly. We will try to have a point to collect items before the group photo if you wish or bring them to the park after you finish the missions.

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Xfac general hangout for the event.
We did have a join link but getting to many spammers. Please comment below if you wish to be added.

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I want to start a new campaign. #whyIplayIngress

The first game I ever played with my cousin was Parcheesi. Ever since then I have loved games of every kind. Board games, console games and computer games became a passion. The more strategy involved the more I enjoy it. Ingress has given me enjoyment in a place of cold and dark I despise. #ingressfamily has so much meaning to me. It means adventures with my children and wife and OP’s with family even if we are hundreds of KM apart. Resistance is my #ingressfamily I meet with my new family to give personal tours, offer assistance in times of need, dine together, drink together, laugh together, communicate daily and most importantly have fun together. I love portal submissions because I get to explore and find the places no agent has gone before. I get to explore new places for myself found by other agents. I love the history Ingress teaches me. My family is amazed that the shy guy they know is a leader in this community. Why am I a leader? I help people! I love helping my #ingressfamily! I teach new and old players alike. I offer strategies, planning, gear to help them level up, OP ideas for badges, etc. I just recently made L16 after 4 years of playing. Yes I am a rural player but what held me back the most was the countless agents on my team I gave my AP away to so they could see this great game. I wasn’t rewarded AP but was rewarded with gratitude, smiles and excitement from my fellow agents achieving a personal goal. I love missions but hate banner missions (more on this later). I encourage everyone who reads this to write your own post of #whyIplayIngress. Post a link to it in the comments or share this with your own story attached so I can read about your adventures and favorite stories. I have met so many amazing and wonderful people through this game and I want to thank John Hanke and the team at Niantic for all the work they do. For the second part of this post I will write my input of how Niantic can improve this game for me.

#1 Speed lock hurts rural players. 5 min wait to deploy at every stop along a highway is dreadful. If it stopped spoofing I could see a benefit but I don’t see one.

#2 Stop making badges that player submitted content helps them. They just try to game the system.(Seer, Spec Ops) This is why I dislike banners because many are so poorly created just for a badge. I do understand why many agents enjoy banners tho. All it does is overload your company with work that isn’t needed.

#3 Fix the mission creator map so that it works the same as intel map. They shouldn’t be able to find portals they don’t know exist by heat signature. It ends up being a tool for spoofers, guardian hunters and players making impossible missions in areas they don’t know.

#4 Add mission sorting features to scanner (completed missions not showing, banners, high to low ratings.

#5 Better system for rating completed missions or uncompleted missions. Some missions are impossible and a better system would allow you to remove the junk.

#6A If portal submissions are brought back online allow a portal to be submitted to Niantic instead of Portal Recon. I liked having secret portals come online to surprise my opponents. (I understand if this suggestion doesn’t happen)
#6B Allow gps tagged photos to be submitted for portals again. Not just from scanner. Mobile data limits and zero cell reception shouldn’t be reasons quality portals don’t get submitted. (%50 of my submissions were from my gallery)

#7 More key lockers! Every long term agent I know has 1K plus keys. Limits playing ability. They are the only item I find worthy to purchase. I would gladly pay for better capsule sorting such as renaming them or being able to recharge keys in them. I purchased CMU to support the company who created a game I love. But there is nothing to purchase of value to me besides my initial 5 lockers.

#8 Give the ability to submit edits on intel map. (Add photos, portal descriptions, location edits, removal requests) Mobile data of uploading photos can be costly. This will allow the agents who care about the game to make it great not just mediocre. (Portals with no description because it was hard to type on phone during submission process etc)

#9 Remove agent names from portal pictures. Tired of seeing a terrible picture just because people want to like a picture from their faction. Make the game look good instead of childish faction battles.

#10 I love the guardian badge and the thrill of hunting them. But seriously do everyone a favor help reduce XFAC drama, reason for spoofers and remove the badge.

#11 Thank you for starting to be retroactive with portals taken by spoofers and removing bot comms.

#12 Is for Field Trip app. I know many older generation people that use smartphones and love to travel. There is a ton of valuable information in Ingress that is not transposed to the app. Missions, portal descriptions etc. Giving portals a type description such as in OPR would be a great tool to transfer acceptable items from Ingress into Field Trip for the best travel guide available.

#13 OPR Field What is it? Sort by Art, History, Religious, Transportation, Exercise, Popular Stop, Tourist, Libraries, GeoMarkers, Point of Interest. Examples: History- Sign - Information (currently Object - Sign - Information) Or History - Building, Religious - Sign or Religious - Building, Art - Mural, Art - Graffiti, Art - Sculpture.

#14 Key management is a PITA. Please give us a multiple key recycle option. I can feed the professor multiple Pokemon but after all this time I still can only recycle one key at a time?

#15 Communicate with us!

Please keep comments positive and we can agree to disagree on my opinions.

Thank You +John Hanke+Andrew Krug​ and everyone else on the +Niantic​ and +Ingress​ Staff. #ActualGamePlay
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It truly is sad how much cheating goes on for both sides.

+Kim Riser​ In answer to your questions from the other group. Enlightened local contacts are +Chase Pritchard+Jacob Boaz+Jomo​ We do not have any banner missions (I am not a fan of them so I haven't made one). Recommended missions would be art in the heart, grave keeper 1+2, hood of enlightenment, UAF sculpture, creamers field (be warned of mosquitos) mysteries of morris thompson, there are also a couple alphabet letter missions among others that use passphrases. 3 good ones in North Pole also. Non Ingress stuff- Chena Hot Springs, Creamers Field, Santa House in North Pole, granite tors or angel rocks hiking trails, Denali National Park is just south about 2.5hrs.

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Shards memories for a good cause

As the shard game winds to a close, what a whirlwind the last few weeks have been.
Airplanes, fishing boats, hovercraft, ice walks and tropical island storms are just some of the amazing adventures Ingress agents around the world have gone on for the global shard game. These are the stories that make Ingress special, unique experience like no other in the world.
To that end, I think you should consider giving the players something to remember this by. An in-game Ingress badge (like an anomaly badge, please not a face badge), something related to shards or trans-continental links would be nice.

I am proposing a simple solution to bring a scanner badge to the players involved.
Years ago you launched the Initio badge, donate to a good cause, get a t-shirt and an in-game badge. Please consider something similar for the global shard game.

After the time/money/energy invested in the global shard game, donating to a charity or good cause, and getting an in-game scanner medal would be absolutely worth it for the players.
With an option to purchase more than one so that we can share with agents who we feel went above and beyond (with fewer monetary means)

My sincere thanks for giving global shards another chance, and bringing the greatest global adventure Ingress has to offer, back to the players.
It's time to move.

+NIA Ops
+Niantic Project
+Anne Beuttenmüller
+Andrew Krug
+Masashi Kawashima
+Hilda Leung

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So they need a location for checkout. I have one business downtown that offered. My other thought is a picnic shelter at Pioneer Park. $50 rental fee. We could do a potluck dinner after checkout there?

Dining Discussion Thread
Restaurants with Portals
The Bakery
Cookie Jar
Sourdough Sam's
Lulu's Bagels
Brewsters (both locations)
Pump House (not sure if reachable inside)
Pike's (not sure if reachable inside)
Silver Gulch Brewery
Hoodoo Brewery
Soapy Smith's
Pho House
Big Daddy's BBQ
Bobby's Downtown
McCafferty's Coffe House
Lin's Asian Bistro
Alaska Coffee Roasting Company
Pagoda (In North Pole)

Food Factory (new location no longer has a portal)

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