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Stephen Elford
Elfie, gamer, educator, educational gamer.
Elfie, gamer, educator, educational gamer.

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Factorio Day 4
I realised today, writing that previous blog post, just how much I miss trying new things in a classroom. Pushing my own limits in terms of what I do in my classroom is something I hadn't realised I had missed this much. Being in a room, feeling the passion...

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Factorio Days 2 and 3
Alright, ready for another brain dump? I was trying to write a post each day after the session ran, but unfortunately the last couple of days have been super busy, so I am writing this a couple of hours before the 4th session is about to start to try and ge...

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Post Day 1 Factorio
Wow, just wow! This is going to be a massive brain dump, so feel free not to read, unless you want a little bit of insight into what happened this afternoon in a muddled up, all over the place kind of way as I try to reflect on what happened in todays lesso...

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Factorio Day 1
So, in about an hour my first Factorio workshop begins. I have the nervous, excited energy I always get when starting something completely new and untested by me. Today is all about learning the game, how the controls works, the basics. Later in the afterno...

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Back in Greece; Teaching
I have just finished teaching for the third day at the summer school in Greece. Like last year, I am having a great time, but the kids this year are, at this stage, much more motivated to create something good. They are steaming through, learning new things...

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Time for an Update
OK, I have been sitting on an update post for quite some time, but the time has come for me to finally let everyone know what has happened, is happening and why I appear to have dropped off the face of the Earth (again). To put it simply, I have changed job...

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A Taste of Open Endedness
I cannot remember whether I have posted about this prior to now, but I am currently working at a summer school in Greece, teaching a 2 week project for 3 hours a day (it is a hard life!!). My learning space for the two weeks. Say hi to #FamousFrank. This pr...

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So What Happened?
I have been holding off posting anything about the Minecraft Education Edition Beta because while I could get it running on my personal machines we ran into several problems getting it working on the school machines. The first of which was an installation i...

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Minecraft: Education Edition Beta Starts!!
It is an exciting day, the MC:EE Beta program officially started today. With something like 4000 users trialling this software within schools, the next few weeks are going to be super busy for Microsoft's development team. I have loaded it up and explored i...

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Conceptual Math and Minecraft
I really enjoy working with different people and getting a different perspective on teaching things. At the moment I am discussing with another teacher at my school about teaching conceptual math, rather than contentual. (I know that is not a word, but you ...
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