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J. Kelly Hoey
Kelly Hoey is the author of "Build Your Dream Network" (January 2017 / Tarcher Perigee)
Kelly Hoey is the author of "Build Your Dream Network" (January 2017 / Tarcher Perigee)

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Got a networking ??? Then Ask it! The Career Entrepreneurship Newsletter Focuses On Your Networking Questions #BYDN

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Increasing the number of networking opportunities in the workplace doesn't require you to leave your desk - or fill your calendar with awkward business lunches, informational coffee dates with management or attending every single company cocktail party. #BYDN

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Where are you directing your networking efforts? Are all of the tools in your networking toolkit working toward your big goal? Have you overlooked anything (or anyone)? On my latest post on Medium a "spring cleaning" checklist to adjust / fine-tune / recalibrate some of your networking efforts....

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"Networking is a two-way street. We always talk about networking generosity and being generous in the sense of being considerate when you’re networking and one of the most generous things you can do in this day and age is be thoughtful and well-researched in why you’re asking somebody else for their time." #BYDN

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Q: What is the best way to gracefully exit a conversation?
Me: Be polite. There’s not one answer given the endless number of difficult, awkward, dull and uncomfortable situations we can find ourselves in. By being polite, you can walk away staying true to your values.


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We’ve all done it: tossed the embossed card in the trash or skipped clicking on the link sent via Eventbrite or deleted the Paperless Post invitation, without a second thought. Bombarded by requests, the natural knee-jerk response is often simply to say no. But hold on! 
Are there networking events you should never say no to? Yes, these do exist, especially in the workplace. Read more on when you should not say No to networking #BYDN

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Does your current network support your ambitions? The type of network you have could either float your idea or sink your dream. #BYDN

Read more:]

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The worst networking advice Hoey has ever heard? Send the person you are trying to connect with an email suggesting a time and place for having a chat and a coffee. #BYDN

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Listen up! The ins and outs of networking. Check out Kelly Hoey's interview on #CreativeWarriors #Podcast with @JeffreyShaw1 #BYDN

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I never know how to answer the big, vague networking questions I’m frequently asked, such as:

- I’m seeking a new job (resume attached), do you know of anyone looking to hire someone with my skill-set?
- I’m seeking investors for startup, who do you think I should speak to?
- We’re putting together an advisory board, who would be good?

So I rarely do. Sometimes I respond with “can you be more specific?”. More often than not however, I hit delete.

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