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Ryan Dyar
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Ryan Dyar

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Excellent image Ryan!
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Ryan Dyar

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Take your image processing to the next level and stand out from the crowd.
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Is this hdr ? 
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Ryan Dyar

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Wildflower season in the Columbia River Gorge is in full swing. One of my favorite times to shoot here in the Pacific Northwest. I am, however, fed up with the typical "foreground flowers and sky" type of shots I was making of this area for the past few years. So in the interest of trying to make a more compelling image, I searched around this place for a photogenic Oak tree to work with as a mid ground element. This was the best one I found that had decent flowers blooming around it. After a few attempts of the course of a couple weeks, I was finally able to get some decent light while out there with my friends Miles Morgan, +Lijah Hanley, +Jeremy Cram and +Alex Mody... all of whom are stellar photographers and really fun dudes to hang out with.

Anyways, here is my attempt at finding a somewhat more cohesive composition. Hope you guys like it.
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Nice execution. The lighting looks soft and mystical to me. 
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Ryan Dyar

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Just finished watching the first 4 seasons of Breaking Bad. Holy shit, that show is good.

Here's a photo... not meth.

If you don't comment and share, the terrorists win.
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Excellent execution! Brilliant work!!
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Ryan Dyar

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So last night I stayed up WAY too late (hitting on chicks on the internet like a champ), which in turn means I slept in and was late to class this morning. In my mad dash to school, I didn't have enough time to stop for my usual 6 egg mcmuffins. So on top of being late, now I'm having processed food withdrawal symptoms.
I get to class, sit down next to the hot chick in class (I strategically planned this seating arrangement at the beginning of this term) and try to act like I'm not about to have a heart attack from the 200 yards I ran to get from the parking lot to class.
Just my fucking luck... TEST. I should really keep a day planner, because I always forget about key upcoming events. So we start our test, room is silent, I'm hacking away and patting myself on the back for being unstudied but extremely confident in my answers... then it happened. GGRRROOOWWWLL. My belly decides to inform EVERYONE in class just how hungry I am. My stomach is fucking jerk. As soon as it happened, the hot chick (who looks like Jaime Murray, schwing!) made the most condescending laugh I have ever heard. THEN, the professor says in front of everyone "Hey, Mr. Cool Guy. Were you too busy wearing sunglasses all morning to eat breakfast?" SHIIIIIT. I forgot I still had my shades on. I must have looked like such a douche bag.

Here's a photo. Have a better day than me.
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Fantastic !!! :)
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Ryan Dyar

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It's a been a LOOOONG time since I've posted over here. Figured I'd check in and see how G+ is doing.
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Rippin' mood in this Ryan!
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Nice :)
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Ryan Dyar

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It was gorgeous here in the pacific northwest today. I decided to take advantage of the beautiful weather today by staying inside and to play computer. This link really hits the nail on the head...

Anyways. Here is a shot from the coast I took a while back, but never really cared for. I gave it a run-through and kind of like how it came out. Wutevs, though.
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Outstanding gallery you have! Looking forward to see more!
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Ryan Dyar

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When I was a kid I was disappointed to find out that Guerilla Warfare was not actually Gorilla Warfare.

Here's a photo, you savages.
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Incredible images +Ryan Dyar ! 
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Ryan Dyar

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I'm pretty sure a really hot chick totally caught me air drumming and singing super loud while stopped at a red light this morning (as a drummer, I do more air drumming than steering when I drive. It's worse than texting and driving). I looked over and saw her looking at me. I responded with a look of terror and then froze. Longest red light of my life.

Worst part? It was to a Katy Perry song... that is on my iPod. :( Don't judge me.

Here's a photo. Have a better day than me.
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I once got caught singing The Backstreet Boys under my breath (I thought) at the grocery store - so I feel your pain.
Your photos make me miss the mountains so much more then I did before I started looking at them. Great stuff.
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