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gothic stlye n running wild
gothic stlye n running wild

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I'm going to write this nicely as possible...
Google plus, fuck you :) Let me change my damned name

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New oc - Luka
Age - 16
Height - 5'3
okay ik, wtf? xD 

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Hiyaaa! Impression yime!

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Toshi and y/n ran down the empty street, her with knife in hand, chasing you "You can't run from me!" Toshi growled, using her inhuman speed to pounce on top of you. "Any last words?" she muttered, holding the knife at your neck....
okay this is an open rp, but I have some rules
1. reply as soon as you get the message
2. no 'few worded' phrases
3. any gender, however I'd prefer male, for interest
4. romance is allowed
5. haaave fun!~
6. send me the characters bio
sooo! yup!

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hi! would you like to rp with me?
i'm looking for a male to do this with me please :D
like no one has to but, I'd like someone to, the rp can be up to you, show me your character, mine is Toshi
sooo! yup!

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so my sign up
Name: Toshi
Age: 15
Gender: Female
Species: Human
Likes: Sitting alone, listening to music and drawing
Dislikes: more then 4 people around her, socialising and bullies
The Anything's: Toshi means alert, Toshi stutters and blushes a lot

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First name: Mabel
Middle name: Maria
Last name: Cabello
Nick name(s): Mab's,
Age: 15
Birthday: 25th December
Gender: Female
Family: Me, myself and i
Blood Color: Red
Blood type: Type A, or pretty normal
Hobbies: Watching anime, making videos, drawing

Personality: Pretty cold until you know me, secrectlive,scary
Power: Mind control
Species: Fallen angel/ demon
Appearance: Pics down below (._.)
Dislikes: Bullies, anime haters and angels
Likes: Blood, guts etc, murdering helpless people and summoning demons

Book: The elementia chronicles
Singer: Ariana Grande
Band: Twennty one pilots/ Panic! At the disco
Song: Guren no Yumiya
Color: Black
Family member: Myself
Video game: Legend Of Zelda: Majora's Mask
Movie: Zootopia
YouTuber: Sadistic Cosplay
Animal: Pug
Food:: Souls
Drink: Blood
Season: Summer
Month: October
Day: October 31st
Holiday: Halloween

Single\taken: Single (crush open)
Sexuality: Lesbian
Crush: no one yet

Bio: What else must i say? ugh...
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i woke up like dis XD

this is the last thing you're inviting me 2... it's filling up my inbox annoying the heck out of me,kay? NO MORE INVITES!

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BAHAHAHA! XD such win
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