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Mark Heppleston

ok. I've cut the flowers off the tops of my plants. I've repotted into bigger pots and now I want to continue growing the shorter plants and developing the smaller buds that were on the bottom of the plant. what do you think about returning to an 18 hour light schedule and using nutrients designed for the veg stage again? my thinking is that if I can promote more foliage growth, than the plant will resume a regular growth cycle until its capable of producing larger flowers. any ideas? 

one more question(for now) please. I have read that using "Epsom salts" in a solution can help root bound plants absorb nutrients better. this is my current situation. of course the alternative is to repot the plants. does anyone have some advice about this?

I let my 3rd indoor grow get tall. as a result I have some pretty good flowers on the top of the plant and a lot of smaller ones on the bottom. im going to cut the top flowers off because they are ready. but im going to try to continue to grow the smaller flowers that were on the bottom of the plant. has anyone had success doing this? any advice?. everything is grown in a 4x2x6 foot box under 3, 200 watt cfl's. presently healthy as can be.
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