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another great day of being a racker!
Now this is recycling at its best!

For those of you who don't know, Rackspace bought an old, run-down abandoned mall in a depressed part of San Antonio, and is gradually building it out to be our headquarters. Today we opened the largest section to date, which will bring all of our San Antonio Rackers under one roof.

Castle Open .mov

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Don't let the weird album cover fool you - these guys are for real. Loving the Head and the Heart. Done Mumford and Son one better in my view.

google+ search is either not working or google+ has no one on it. rackspace only mentioned once in last 24 hours?

hey google, constantly telling me the same people have added me to circles is a bad way to get me to pay attention to your notifications.

sorry, i will not use your service if you require facebook identity to use it.

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rackers being rackers!
LMFAO :) Awesome job rackers - how hot was it during the filming?

not only is search non existent on +, but people search is terrible. if i search for rackspace, i get a listing of google profiles - i have to click in to each one to add them. painful. is there another way?

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the money now has romney in slight lead over perry after last night. also, obama at exactly 50/50 to win. intrade is fascinating.

one result of having and loving an ipad: less reading. now, instead of reading in bed, i am emailing, google+ing, tweeting, gaming, surfing. tempted to ban it from the nighttime routine.

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so the S&P downgrades our bonds and everyone rushes to the safety of...our bonds.
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