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I would like to use G+ to record and share my notes for #gtauk - any tips or advice on how best to go about it?
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I have really liked using SpringPad on my iPad. It allows me to record weblinks, notes, contact details - all those things that get thrown at you or you want to remember in these kinds of situations. You can organise them into folders and when you're back home, you can work your way through them.

I also use Evernote to capture more wordy notes or minutes of meetings. You obviously can use Google Docs for this, but I prefer Evernote's editor on the iPad.

It would be really great for those of us not coming along to read blog post of Google+ posts about the event. Perhaps set up a Google+ page and you could all contribute.
Post per session is a good idea, as is tagging. Searching here is much more sophisticated than twitter, e.g. Date ranges.
thanks chaps, most useful. I'll have a go at 'blogging' it here. I gather there will be odd 'top secret' bit, but otherwise we are free to share. Just felt appropriate that we should do it on a Google platform ;-)
We have all been asked to join G+ and like the education page, so I'm guessing we will use it for something!
Perhaps a shared GTA circle so others could follow all the posts by those attending? 
There is an attendee circle, will share it again soon. 
Ah cool - thanks for that. You're all going to have so much fun!
Thanks for the link - will investigate. Was going to take a MacBook with me but think I'll use one of the chrome books provided instead. I'm assuming extensions will be fine on them!! LOL. 
should be, I imagine if you log into your google account, it should bring all your extensions over with it when it synchronised (I'm assuming here, I haven't used a Chromebook myself!)
Ah, I see. Haven't used chrome across different machines yet. Does +Mark Allen know if this is right? Will install at home anyway and play :-)
Jo, are you going to blog by updating G+ then? I keep thinking about what approach I should take. 
yes +Claire Lotriet going to give it a go, I've made a G+ page and I thought I would add posts there to keep them in one place rather than just have everything in my personal stream. Not sure if that will work, but it makes sense to me (sort of!) to keep it slightly separate. I guess people will need to be following the page rather than me to find the stuff, which is one disadvantage, but I thought I would keep cross posting, and into twitter too. That's assuming that I can keep all those things in the air at once!!!
Can G+ be set to auto update on Twitter too?
I think the "page dedicated to an event" approach makes sense, but so do hashtagged public posts.
Yes, you can manage pages in tabs.
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