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Trollin the Trumpers
Yesterday in NYC there was  a protest against Trump's recent immigration ban. Being that the protest was right outside my house, I really had no excuse to not join... so I joined. Then when I came back home, I opened up facebook and saw that the protest was...

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Why the Hell I'm Still in NYC
I think that everyone who comes to live in NYC can't help but at one point think to themselves... Why the hell am i here? Sure, NYC sounds like an amazing place to live with all of its lights and glory ( don't be deceived ) but it's a tough place to live an...

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Dear America, We Deserved Trump and You Know It.
Disclaimer: I usually don't talk politics on the internet because I don't feel qualified enough... but given that Trump just became president elect and he clearly has no experience, I feel more than qualified enough now to write a blog post on American poli...

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Less than 24 Hours in Niagara Falls
I've wanted to go to Niagara Falls for awhile.... I'm not sure why the Falls trumps places like Vegas or some other fun party city (well, maybe because i act like I'm 80) but if I've learned anything during these past couple of years, it's to always take op...

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Life as a New Yorker - Year 2
Today marks my 2nd year in New York City! Happy newyork-versary to me! It's actually the longest place i've lived since I moved out of Georgia Yes, I was in college for 4 years, but before it turned 2 years in Baltimore, I studied abroad in Shanghai for a s...

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Saying "I Love You" Through Food
Growing up, my parents never really told me or my sisters "I love you". I actually didn't think it was weird that my parents didn't say it until I went to college and everyone would hang up the phone with, "bye mom. I love you too !" The way I end my phone ...

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Let's Talk Kakao Emojis
It's been a while since i've written a blog post. I'd love to credit my blog absence to having such a glam NYC life that I forgot about all of yall boring people not living in the Big Apple... but that would be a complete and utter lie. ....So let's just sa...

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The Classes I Wish Colleges Offered
My Alma Mater The more I learn to be an adult, the more I realize I don't know what I learned from college or what skills I took away from my experience there (okay fine, learning to drink sort of counts, i guess...). I feel like in elementary through high ...

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Learn to Trust Through My Strategic Hot Mess Life
As Easter suddenly decided to appear out of nowhere in March, I've been seriously reflecting over the last two weeks (and even now) about what Easter means to me. Yes, i know, it's about Jesus' death on the cross and his resurrection three days later... but...

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The Places I've Been in 10 Years
Yesterday, as I rummaged around for my passport, I realized that it's set to expire in June of this year. That means... it's been ten years since I've gotten my passport. TEN YEARS. I actually quite clearly remember getting that passport photo taken. I had ...
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