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Ellen Rohr
Your own business is a path to peace, prosperity and freedom!
Your own business is a path to peace, prosperity and freedom!

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Going to AHR? See you there! I'll be there with Max and Hotrod! #theplumberswife

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Here's how biz owners feel about being called 'small'...

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How to handle price shoppers

How does one get the entrepreneurial bug at almost 90 years old, and what lessons can he share? Here are some of Earl’s entrepreneurial pearls of wisdom.

You can always learn more.
February 29th through March 4th I will be making my way from WI, through MN and ND, and finishing the week in SD speaking at the P4 Learning Labs for DSG. For exact locations with dates and to sign up for a Power Tools near you, go to Check out the video below to hear from a DSG customer, Mark Flock, on why you should attend Power Tools!

Problems with Price Books?
Are you sold on flat rate pricing? (a.k.a. upfront pricing, straight forward pricing or bid pricing.) I hope so. There are lots of reasons why it’s a good idea. The number one reason? Your customers want to know how much it’s going to cost before they agree to a repair or a replacement.…/…/08/problems-with-price-books/

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Must You LOVE Your Business?
Do what you love. And, figure out some way to make enough money so that you can do it. Mind you, I don’t recommend that you stick with a job you hate, or persist in a business that causes you to lose your integrity. You might aim for at least really liking what you do to make money. As long as you get to do what you really really really want. Read more:

I'm excited to be speaking w/20+ other business experts at the Crack the Dream Team Code Summit that starts November 9th ! Grab a free seat!
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