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Stephan Jäckel
Mit Mut und Einsicht zu Entschlossenheit.
Mit Mut und Einsicht zu Entschlossenheit.

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"Privacy Threats through Ultrasonic Side Channels on Mobile Devices" is a #MustRead for everybody working in marketing.

It examines in detail the technical implications and the threat to data protection and customer privacy caused by in-store beaconas and Apps using ultarsonic sounds to track users. Almost 300 apps already have this technology and listen through Smartphones without their owners knowing anything!

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If you ever wanted to know who is out there doing what in the Enterprise #AI world, here are 130 of those companies listed in a PDF graphic with an accompanying article.

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Everybody write about what Google's own Chrome AdBlocker will mean for publishers or advertisers. Here I wrote about what it means for Google: Higher profits, hope to become more adaptive and agile and maybe, maybe after ll it also brings a better Internet Experience to us all.

A seven minute read you may wish to sahre or read later using Instagram or Pocket.

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#OpenData in a new dimension as 5.5 million feeds get accessible in just one standardized string of information.

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I believe #DMOZ died because of human factors in its operation model. And I seriously wonder why nobody tried to solve the issues using #ArtificialIntellegence!

#AI would have no shortage of editors, would be around 24/7/365 and would keep improving the quality of web catalogue pages through its learning process. That process itself would be guided by KPIs to ensure that only the pages truly embraced by users because of their usefulness get into the catalogue!

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#CRM is full of mistake about Customer Loyalty. Fact is: Customers are not loyal, they never were and never will be! If companies find it harder to retain customers then it is because they have became more inconvenient for customers to deal with. As long as a customer feels that it is more convenient to stick with a company, brand, product or service than looking for a new one, choosing one and getting adjusted to the new choice, for that long a customer will stick around. Not because of customer loyalty but because out of sheer personal convenience! 

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#Automation, #Robots and #AI are tools with which Silicon Valley will alienate the unionized basis of the Democratic Party and endanger the unity of America's political left. Because putting workers out of work is not a very social thing to do, not even if you promise a basic free income to your jobless party members!

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How much traffic, leads and sales to you lose because someone clicked on an old Link of yours, a Pin or Pic from a past promotion that leads nowhere? How many landing-pages have you scrapped but spent thousands of Dollars, Euro or other currencies to promote Links leading there?

Not only will you never know until you stop your current behaviour, you will automatically produce sunk-costs for as long as you keep doing so! What you need is a strategic link- and campaign-management. And you need to keep track of track of the links you spread in your #SocialMedia campaigns and through other electronic forms of #Advertising. To help you with that this article contains an AIRTABLE sheet which you can automatically fill with your Tweets, Pins and Posts using #IFTTT.

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Online Marketing habits produce bad #CustomerExperience! I clicked on an old promotional link which offered a study on Twitter up until 2020. I turned my #CustomerExperience from that into my first MEDIUM blog article of 2017.
In it I call on companies to stop wasting their Marketing Budgets and to stop creating sunlit costs and bad customer experiences by creating dad links and tossing landing pages.
Included in this article is a link to an AIRTABLE Base which you can use to build your own promo-link management tool which you can automatically fill from your Tweets, Pins or Snaps using IFTTT!
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