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Stephan Jäckel

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#Useability: Seven reasons why the content publishing and blogging platform MEDIUM should switch from scrolling to swiping articles aside just like people do with picture in Tinder. #UX #UI
Swiping stories left is the improvement I hunger most for on MEDIUM! No, I do not use Tinder nor any other App which has borrowed their…

Stephan Jäckel

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It is time fir some major #Disruption of the way Websites work! Content Management Systems are limited in their flexibiliy. Content, structure, navigation all are based on assumptions made by digital marketing teams.

I argue that Websites must become Bots. CMS will lose importance. Bots will conduct dialogues with users. Instead of clicking through navigations to find what they seek, bots will present them with what the look for. This generates also much better data for user analytics. And the bot-protocol is a much better basis for handing communication over to a human Customer Care Agent than a list with a click history! 
It is about time to disrupt the concept of building Websites and optimizing them through A/B-Testing, Heatmaps, Eyetracking or whatsoever…

Stephan Jäckel

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“So ist der Crash von AirBerlin nicht zu verhindern!” @StephanJaeckel

Air Berlin will Strecken an Lufthansa Tochter Eurowings abtreten und diese dann für jene befliegen. Sie schwächt so die eigene Markenpräsenz und reduziert die Flotte, mit der sie ihre Schulden abbauen könnte. #AirBerlin verspielt so die Chance durch Nutzung des Wettbewerbs um die Flugreisenden der größten europäischen Volkswirtschaft, seine eigene Position zu stärken. Sollte das Kartellamt einem faktischen innerdeutschen Monopol der Lufthansa zustimmen, so wird Air Berlin der Verlierer dieser Kooperation sein. Ebenso die Lufthansa. Denn due scheinbare Ruhe, die Monopole gewähren stärken ein Unternehmen und seine Unternehmenskultur nicht. Im Gegenteil!
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Wenn jahrelanger, wirtschaftlicher Sinkflug die Norm ist

Stephan Jäckel

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“Macy’s Online Business will suffer from closing down 100 Stores”

No matter what Amazon does: CEOs of established US Retailers get it wrong! In this short 4 minute read on MEDIUM I - again - explain that there is no distinct online and offline business! Macy's will shed 100 stores, 100 local logistics centers, 100 knots in a delivery chain from manufacturer to consumers (either pick-up or delivery). Macy's retreats from battlefields not even entered yet by Amazon. Chances are growing they will one day be found in a list along with - now defunct - Radio Shack!
I could not believe what I read about Macy’s closing down 100 stores. Most of all I was shocked to my bones that upon the announcement…

Stephan Jäckel

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“BREXIT: Do You Love the EU institutions, its laws and constitution?”

That is the question people will have to answer in the polling booth! #VoteLeave and #VoteRemain are not about economy, migrants or anything else but the question if you love the EU and what it stands for nor not!

So if you criticized the EU in the past 40 years more often than you praised it, then #VoteLeave!
And if you happen to have praised the EU in the past 40 years more often than you criticized it, then you #VoteStay!

Everything else you got told by either campaign is meaningless when you once and for all decide if you want your British nation to marry the EU and stick with it until death does you apart!
The British EU Referendum is not about Migrants, GPD, NATO, Turkish EU-Membership or the Campaign Ads!

Stephan Jäckel

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On the sad morning after the loss of #MS804 it nevertheless must be noted that an #EgyptAir mechanic is a suspect in the bombing of a Russian jetliner over the Sinai and that the Egyptian #Airline had already one incident of pilot suicide taking the lives of passengers and crew.
An EgyptAir mechanic whose cousin joined Islamic State in Syria is suspected of planting a bomb on a Russian passenger plane that was blown out of Egypt's skies in late October, according to sources familiar with the matter.

Stephan Jäckel

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When conducting customer surveys, offer your customers answers which are painful for your organisation to accept or listen to! Do not exclude unpopular answers! Do not assume things! Offer a wide range of replies in questionnaires, surveys, useability tests and so on!

Only where painful answers surface, #CustomerExperience can improve. Do not think of the burden of lengthy discussions in meetings when debating the results! Do think of improving things by shedding a light on issues (big and small) and their meaning(fulness) for customers and prospects!

A four minute read on MEDIUM.

Stephan Jäckel

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Imagine for just one moment that politics is a dead business model, that politicians are the undertakers of democracy and that the corporation of Democracy Inc. is in need of some serious disruption!

For the remainder of this article, please try to put these thoughts in your mind:

Stephan Jäckel

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“Successful Content Marketing is the Logic Result of Algorithmic Systems”

I felt like sharing my latest MEDIUM article first on G+...... if your company tries #ContentMarketing you may like this heretic article which explains why you are successful (or not). And it is not so much about your content as you may think.

Stephan Jäckel

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“Today’s Zeitenwende from Kant to Nietzsche”

Both philosophiere are long dead but surely not gone. And with changes wrong long-term-planning to a Agile Management, self-learning programs instead of linear, predictable code, with people choosing to Brexit rather than to bow to fears about higher taxes, job losses, inflation, lower national security in order to pursue a liberal, free path, the sings are obvious that we live in times where people shift from Kant to Nietzsche in what is their underlying motive!
I always felt that I am living during a Zeitenwende. The German word stands for a change in times, a period when huge shifts happen in all…

Stephan Jäckel

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Night Rider is a concept for a #driverless car or van I haven't read about yet. But this kind of #selfdriving vehicle will disrupt hotels, airlines and many more by offering travel and a good night of sleep.

Please read share and like on MEDIUM or here on G+
There are tons of writing about self-driving cars, autonomous vehicles, robotic cars, you name them. And while current markets do not seem…
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