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From all the services created by mankind since the beginning of time, #tellkomindonesia  is the worst ... I think dentists in the medieval times gave a better service to their customers...

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Magpie theme for substratum on PureNexus, looking pretty good +setiawanjimmy​ !

Substratum is very promising, props to the devs ! Of course still few bugs, but already very functionnal. 
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What version of G+ do you use on your smartphone and why?
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Android App
Browser mobile version

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I have been using CMTE until now exclusively because I never found a layer based theme as perfect (in my opinion) as the FLUX theme for cm, do you guy know of a layered theme in this style, I really love this theme but will have to let it go with next PureNexus update...
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Nexus 6p

Rom: PureNexus (of course :p)
Kernel: ElementalX (Custom governor)
Softs: greenify, Amplify

Use: mostly watching streaming and local videos, VPN on 3/4 of the time, chat on whatsapp and facebook messenger, misc browsing on facebook, g+, etc... )

Have to say, you guyz rock !!!

Thanks, best custom rom ever !

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Sokunthy, la directrice de, témoigne dans une vidéo de l'Ambassade de France au #Cambodge  pour le réseau d'étudiants francophone du pays

Is it true that OTG usb type C keys or drives don't work on Oneplus 2 ? Any experiences?
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