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Technology is Life

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So hyped up for this game...

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New whip. Top car. Love it. #Maserati

Is PSN down for any one else? Been out for at 24 hours !

Playing violent shooting games is likely to lead me in to becoming a violent killer.

On that basis if I play FIFA I'm likely to become a professional footballer !!!

No I didn't think so...

I want a Skyrim game set in middle earth! Is it to much to ask???

Who remembers ELITE from yesteryear? That space based trader, pirate, exploration game where you chose what path to take. Visit thousands if planets mine asteroids etc.

Well it's being remade by the same guy for release in 2014

Some BF3 is in order right now!

It's official! The Hobbit is very very good!!!

£150 GAME vouchers burning a hole... PC or PS3 recommendations needed please, thank you!

What a surprise! It's been reported that the Adam Lanza that bloke that killed 20+ people the other week, played violent computer games! One of them he was most interested in and spent hours on Counter strike, which has shipped 27 million copies world wide.

Now I'm not supporting his actions or even defending him in anyway but to say that violent computer games have caused this is absolute tosh!!!
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