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TMW Hickman
We are all about the cake--eat dessert first!
We are all about the cake--eat dessert first!

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It's Not Summer Unless There is an ER Visit
Zane had a cough.  He's had a cough for some time, and he'd already had one doctor visit for it at the beginning of June.  Just a random virus, the doctor said, and sent Larry and Zane home.  In the back of my mind, I thought of the possibility of allergies...

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I'm A Little More Melty Than I Used To Be
When I was younger, air conditioning wasn't really a thing.  Sure, some of the places that we lived had it, but other places didn't.  The temperature didn't rise enough to be concerning.  We opened windows, and a pleasant breeze would move through the house...

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Cable Company Circle of Life
For hundreds of years, our cable company was Time Warner.  Well, a really, really long time. Larry and I were happy with Time Warner.  Sure, they charged an arm and a leg, but we had eight limbs between us, and service was never a problem.  I had our credit...

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And Just Where the Heck Have I Been?
In January I signed up for a 5k walk, the Chocoholic Frolic.  5 kilometers is a little more than three miles, and after pushing myself through all the cancer and surgeries and other events over the past three years, I felt that a little challenge was in ord...

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Jury Duty is Stressful
I started off 2017 being selected for jury duty.  Not the normal, local, jury duty, where you spend a day downtown reading or playing on your phone until they tell you to go home.  That stuff is easy; I get to enjoy having quiet time to read and people watc...

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MLK and Mindfulness
Back in the 1980s, when dinosaurs still roamed the earth, there was no day honoring Martin Luther King, Jr.  Dr. King was a Civil Rights leader, an icon, but there was no national celebration until then. I was in high school, and Stevie Wonder came to our s...

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I Actually Do Hold Grudges
As I went through all that cancer nonsense, I had to let go of some things.  There was no point in being angry all the time, for instance.  As much as I wanted to rail and scream about my illness, it was bad for my health to dwell on it, so I let that go.  ...

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Write A Letter. I'll Feel Better.
 On April 12 of 2016, there was a hailstorm of epic proportions in
San Antonio and the surrounding areas.  And when I say epic, I mean
downright frightening.  Every thud on the roof sounded as if it would break right
through the attic and right into our ...

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100 Word Challenge: Sorry Not Sorry
I've been told I don't apologize enough.  I do tend to focus on a solution to a problem, even when I am the problem. Saying "I'm sorry" technically isn't a solution.  I've been working on this, trying to say " mea culpa " more often.  Except when I'm dealin...

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The Smackworthy Of 2016
For the past few years, I've made a list at the end of December of people who just need one of those smacks upside the head.  You know what I'm talking about--a smack that reboots the brain, makes a person think twice before opening their mouth one more tim...
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