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Thank you everyone for testing the app and providing feedback to us.

The test version is now out of beta. It's designated version 1.51.

The play store app on your device will start getting your test app updated to the release version in a few hours.
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Produits électronique durant jamais plus de 6 mois et sav inexistant 
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We have been working in the past few days to bring product browsing support to our Android app. I'm pleased to announce that a test version is now available for download directly from Google Play's beta area.

To download / join the beta test:
1. Join this community (required by Google Play)
2. Install the beta app from the Play Store using this link:

Important: This is a test version and bugs are to be expected. Please hit "send report" on your device and/or report them here in the thread.

What's new:
- Better tablet layouts
- Browse the latest new arrivals
- Browse products by category & product search
- Action bar button to launch page/category using your device's browser
- Share product pages, category links, and search results
- Read product reviews within app

What we're still working on for the current release:
- Browse new arrivals by date

What we will work on for the next release:
- Full product filters and sort options
- Add products to cart
- Cart management and in-app checkout

Go ahead and give the app a try, and let us know of your comments and bug reports :). Thank you.
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Wont let me download one with a search funtion only track and support. Dont know why.
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Test v1.25 has just been released. It contains bug fixes and adds a product specifications tab.

We're requesting one new permission: "android.permission.WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE" for caching product images in storages such as internal flash and TF cards.

This one is expected to be the release version so please let us know what you think.
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INCROYABLE de voir que le service à la clientèle est NUL. j'attends depuis presque 2 mois ma commande de liquide pour cigarette et je n'ai rien reçu encore. En plus, ils te font payer un surplus pour une livraison rapide de 12 jours et le 18 aout, j'ai payé une commande avec les frais de livraison de 12 jours et la commande n'est pas encore en route.. Lorsque la commande est bloquée et retournée, il te facture des frais de 15$ et en plus, tu perds pour le taux de change et ils se crissent de toi. Il est grand temps que nous lâchions cette compagnie parce qu'ils ne peuvent plus satisfaire leurs clients. Ils commencent à perdre le contrôle et bientôt, les gens vont dire que c'est des arnaqueurs. Autre point, il te rembourse et le code ne fonctionne pas. Belle gang de ..........................................
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FastTech chosen to process and fulfill orders for OVMS -- a cool open-source vehicle tracking system that works with iOS and Android.

The module currently works only on Tesla Roadsters (the supercar that started the EV revolution), but work is being done on other vehicles including Nissan Leaf, Chevrolet Volt, and other cool electric cars.

Check of the OVMS project site here:

Want to give the module a spin? The official module is available now with next day shipping at FastTech:
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