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New version of Judson font released, with major improvements in glyphs with stacked diacritics.

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The Judson font has received a long-needed update.  There is now a Bold Italic face.  Numerous other enhancements have also been made, mostly involving diacritic appearance and placement.

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New font releases: Pacaya, a rather simple sans, and Stanislav, a flared serif small-caps font.

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Here's a photo of the guajillo chile sauce I made this morning.

I made this near midnight on New Years Eve, and two months later it has started taking on some of the wonderful aromatic qualities of fermented Chinese chili pastes.  It goes great on fried or scrambled eggs.  Guajillo chilies are relatively mild Mexican peppers which form the basis for most red enchilada sauces.

Fermented Guajillo Sauce

20 dried guajillos, stemmed and seeded
1 1/2 large onions, diced
6 cloves garlic, chopped
2 Tbsp celtic sea salt
1/2 cup Bragg's apple cider vinegar
2 Tbsp culture starter: homemade sauerkraut juice, yogurt whey or water kefir (optional)

Toast the chiles on a dry hot pan for ten seconds a side, then cover with water. Remove from heat and let stand for 30 minutes. Drain chiles, reserving liquid. Add chiles, onion, garlic, salt, vinegar and 1 cup of reserved liquid to food processor and process until smooth. If using culture starter, stir it in. Pour into mason jars and fit lids loosely. Place in a warm place with a dish towel over the jars to keep them dark. Allow one week for fermentation before moving them into the refrigerator.

Makes slightly less than 2 quarts.

Variation: If you want a bit more piquancy, you can substitute 2 puya (also spelled pulla) chilies for 1 guajillo, up to 1/4 of the total guajillos.

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New version of Didact Gothic font released.  This one features improvements in German and Nordic-language specific glyphs, a narrowed Cyrillic ф, and overall improvements in widths of stroke shoulders.

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The Jura font is being used in the logo and on-screen text of Fields of War, a new game under development by Thermal Erosion Ltd. (an Israel-based development company).  Though the game itself is in pre-alpha, the graphics already look very cool.

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The Beeb has posted a review of the album currently at the top of my wish list. I'm pleased to see it getting any attention at all because it seems like just about nobody has ever heard of Sons of Noel and Adrian.

Anyone have any recommendations on CD/DVD repair kits? I recently bought a used copy of a very rare CD that's been out of print since about 1990 (!) and it stops playing part way through track 1. Replacing the disc would cost around $50; repair kits start around $12.

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There is a new release of GNU FreeFont today. Most of the enhancements are in glyph spacing and in new/updated glyphs in the Indic and Arabic ranges, though there are some additions and changes in many other ranges as well. A WOFF version is being officially distributed for the first time, though web users will almost certainly want to subset it. Please download, test, and submit bug reports as appropriate.

I contributed a couple of the new glyphs which are new in this release.
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