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David Dostaler
Author of Challenger RPG a Free Roleplaying Game
Author of Challenger RPG a Free Roleplaying Game


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Hello fellow Farmers, This post is just for general goofiness and other Hay Day related stuff. Pictures, interesting forum links, and so forth. Reserved for future Use

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Contact Us
Challenger RPG My kik username is Challenger(underscore)rpg where underscore is really '_'

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About Masters of Hay Day and Our Rules
This page will be for any information, pictures, or other media our group wants to share about the NH or themselves. For general information about the day to day activities of the group, please see the NH billboard. For information about joining our NH, ple...

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Masters of Hay Day NH Billboard
Hello fellow Farmers, I am planning for this page to be a general billboard for our Hay Day NH: Masters of Hay Day. Below, I will post what we're up to so everyone can reference the billboard and find out what's going on in the NH. I can be contacted on kik...

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Hay Day General
Hello, This is a post to gather Hay Day related information and links. Here is the link to the recruitment thread for the Masters of Hay Day neighborhood on the Supercell community forums: ...

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Here is a fine character and fiction submission. I will list the author's name with his permission. Thank you for sharing this with us! Please enjoy. This is game Number One.

Character #1: Hilli

Standard issue bio-mechanical scouting unit. Highly upgradea...

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Hilli Character and Sci-Fi Short Story
Image Courtesy of  This awesome character and introductory story were both submitted to me and the author has kindly given his permission for me to share it here with you. I hope you all enjoy this...

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Cow Bell and Reap Tracker Adventure 2 Part 1
This adventure is still in progress. Cow Bell's Uncle Larry who now rules the Kingdom of Am and is somewhat evil summons the heroes to the court and requests that they defend the border village which I forgot the name of against the hostile forces of the fo...

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Challenger Cow Bell and Reap Tracker Campaign Adventure 1
By request, here is the summary of one of my currently running Challenger campaigns: Episode 1: Adventure 1 Reap Tracker and Cow Bell Campaign. The two heroes are a super-man look-alike named Cow Bell instead of Kal-El and a hunter/tracker named the Reap Tr...

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Challenger Supplements Update
Hi everyone,

I know that Kingdoms of Sileeria has been in the works forever, but I just wanted to let you know that I haven't forgotten about it. I am still in contact with the artist and it's in the works. It might not be as fancy as the time it took woul...
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