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Victor Colmenares
Informático, amante de la tecnología
Informático, amante de la tecnología

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Excelente aplicación 
Cerberus 3.0beta

We are glad to announce a new version of Cerberus! It is a big update with a lot of new features, so we are releasing it through our beta channel for all of you that want to try it and give some feedback, then the final 3.0 update will be published in a couple of weeks.

New app features:
- Update to Material Design
- "Block Power Menu" option in the app settings, to prevent a thief from turning off the device from the lock screen
- "Protect device admin" option, to require username/password to remove Cerberus from Device Administrators
- "Prevent USB debugging" option (only for system app installs), to disable USB debugging and make more difficult for an experienced thief to delete Cerberus

New remote commands/options:
( to access these commands, after you log into the website go here: )
- Enable/disable bluetooth
- "Persistent" option in the "Display message" command, to show a message that is always displayed in the center of the screen
- "Get installed apps" command, to retrieve a list of apps installed on the device, with their package names
- "Change app settings" command, to modify the app configuration remotely
- "Backup data" command, to make a backup of your SMS/MMS, call log, contacts, photos and videos to your Google Drive or Dropbox account - you have to connect GDrive/Dropbox beforehand in the app settings
- "Start shell" command, to open a remote shell (SSH-like) to your device
- "Start application/service / Send broadcast" to start an Activity, Service or send a Broadcast to the device

This feature, that you can find in a new section of the app settings, provides you a completely new way to set automatic alerts and actions. You can create your own rules with an Event-Condition-Action structure:
- Event is the signal that triggers the rule, for instance a wrong unlock code being entered, exiting or entering a geofence, battery level becoming low and many more possible events
- Condition is an additional requirement (optional) for the action to be carried out
- Action can be one or more Cerberus commands

With AutoTask you can make Cerberus do things such as email you the location when the battery is almost dying, send a SMS if the device moves, start the alarm if the device exits a geofence, factory reset the device after 5 consecutive wrong unlock attempts, and so on. The only limit is your imagination :-)

Known issues
There are 3 known issues, all of them are limited to Android 5.0 (Lollipop):

- "Protect device admin" does not work, the login screen appears 5 seconds after you press to disable device administration. That is the intended behavior according to Google security policies, but there was a bug that let us bypass the five seconds delay. The bug has been fixed in Lollipop, we'll see if we can find any other way to circumvent that.

- No picture taken on wrong unlock code entered. We can't do anything to fix this, it's a bug in the Android OS:

- The "Unlock" command does not make the lock screen disappear. As above, it's a bug in Android: . Anyway you can enter any PIN code to unlock the phone, after you send a "Unlock" command.

If you experience any other issues, bugs or crashes, please let us know. Thanks!

Download info
To enter our beta channel you have to subscribe to our Google Group (!forum/cerberus-support-forum ) and then go here:
Or you can download the apk files or flashable zip files from the following links.

Standard version
- Apk:
- Flashable zip (Android 4.0-4.3):
- Flashable zip (Android 4.4+):

Disguised version
- Apk:
- Flashable zip (Android 4.0-4.3):
- Flashable zip (Android 4.4+):

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Estos son los fallos q corregirá Android 4.4.3
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