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F1 fans are going to love this, all the pics and vids tweeted by drivers and teams automatically collated in one place, Pinterest style for your viewing pleasure.
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Thanks! Love this.
Conclude Report about Automotive engineer of 6 parts in no economy ,bad performance  in all brands which mean brands failure in automobile thus.

1. Wider rear track than front track code chassis  : easy wrecked chassis,lowest traction,extreme tail flick,extreme slip,hardcore control in all speed and economy as 1-5 km/l,below 1 km/l.

2. turbocharger (1-4 turbo per engine) intercooler petrol engines : unstable acceleration,extreme wrecked engine parts,torque horsepower overload, and economy as 1-5 km/l,below 1 km/l.

3. without rear fog lamp : easy electronic parts wrecked,economy as 1-5 km/l,below 1 km/l.

4. CVT transmission : slow acceleration,economy as 1-5 km/l,below 1 km/l.

5. Wider front track than rear track in below 10 mm code chassis with RWD,AWD : medium traction,tail flick,easy slip and economy as 1-5 km/l,below 1 km/l.

6. Front track as same as rear track code chassis : medium traction,medium tail flick,easy slip,power slide,understeer  and economy as 1-5 km/l,below 1 km/l.

If over 1 of 6 parts,automobiles of economy use  1-3 km/l,below 1 km/l.
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