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So...anyone have any good programming talks on youtube? (On the shorter side preferred, no more than 20 to 30 minutes).

I wish the older / less changed a file was, the harder it was to delete or move. Well, for normal users interacting w/ files one on one.

Too often it feels like I'm going in for a restore of a folder that was last accessed months ago and nothing is in any of the backups.  I suspect many of our users accidentally drag and drop things into abysses or accidentally hit keyboard combos somehow.

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Any folks have recommendations for getting up and running with Workflow technology? Books, blogs, tools, etc?

Ok, Google+ foks, what's your favorite timeline visualization. I'm thinking something that would be good for a relatively simple and straightforward series of workflow events.

Anyone have good examples of user interfaces for rule-based systems?

Another day with a scheduled blood donation at the library, another I in an X-Files episode?

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So, anyone have recommendations for free image archives? Thinking of stuff like,, and so on?

+The Game Crafter  Whee! My Decktet order came in before I even expected it to ship. A most excellent and impressive job, the cards feel quite nice, already got a play in of Magnate last night.
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