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Snipmatch – a code snippet completion for Eclipse...
Snipmatch:  a community-driven code snippet completion engine for Eclipse – some more details...

Snipmatch[1] was initially developed by Queen's University in 2011 and brought to Eclipse Code Recommenders in 2012. Unfortunately its core developers discontinued their work on Snipmatch before it ever reached a releasable state.  A real pity because the ideas behind Snipmatch are very appealing.

So, what is Snipmatch? At present, it's a searchable (git) repository full of code snippets which you can query easily from within your text editor by pressing "Ctrl+Enter" (or "Cmd+Enter" on Mac).

Whenever you press that shortcut, a small search window pops up that allows you to enter search terms like "zip". With every letter you type, Snipmatch narrows down the list of snippets that match your query. It also offers you a snippet preview which allows you to see how the code will look like in your editor before you actually enter it. And of course it offers you all the functionality you expect from your IDE: filling in the right types, proposing available variables for placeholders, fixing imports etc. etc.

What's the project's current state? Snipmatch is currently an Recommenders Incubator project which aims to gather a community. Its current feature set is limited but there are many features planed like creating a full-featured snippet editor with code completion based on Xtext, the ability to rate snippets, context-sensitive snippet ranking, collecting implicit feedback to rank good and frequently used snippets higher than rarely used ones, and a couple more things.

To get you started, we bootstrapped the snippet repository with the snippets that ship with the Eclipse IDE (i.e., all Java and SWT snippets) and added a few additional sample code snippets for frequently used classes from Java Standard Library we mined from existing code bases.

Snipmatch can be installed from the Recommenders Incubator update site hosted at [2] and soon from the eclipse Marketplace.

We (mainly our GSOC students who spent their summer on implementing these features), we'd be happy to hear your feedback. And maybe some of you want to join us to make Snipmatch even more attractive...


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