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[poll] what bugs you most in code completion proposal ordering?

There is is an interesting discussion going on about issues with Eclipse as an IDE  at ide-dev@eclipse.org. One topic that pops up quite often is, that JDT's proposal ranking strategy is far behind  other IDEs.

To get a better understanding of what JDT currently supports, what it doesn't, and what you expect from your IDE,  I wrote a prototypical proposal sorter this morning.

It offers quite a few configuration options (see the screenshot below for details). But I'd like to know what features you  are missing.
Please assist me to figure out what bugs you to enable me to find a solution.

The prototype is not yet publicly available because getting proposal ordering right is a more tough problem than it seems at a first glance – mostly because every developer has different opinions on how things should be sorted. 

That's fine. For this early state of of the study, however, I'm more interested in features than how to order these criteria. So, please let me know what you expect. In a next step I'll make the prototype available for testers.


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