Smarter Type Proposals on Recommenders 2.0 APIs

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Smarter Type Proposals on Top of Recommenders 2.0

After I read a blog post about Eclipse' sometimes weird rankings of type proposals (Why appear classes of AWT on top of my proposals although I never used it in my projects?), I decided to draft a small prototype that fixes this issue.

In a nutshell, it simply scans which types you are already using in your class and ranks types that stem from the same packages slightly higher than others (by adding +1 to the relevance of the proposal). Check the screenshots to see how this looks like in details.

If you use that engine a while, you may notice that JDT ranks types from java.lang.* always slightly higher than all other types. If you don't like this behavior, go to "Preferences » Code Recommenders » Types" and increase the "Proposal Boost" to 50.

There are also a couple of other options you may play around with like label and image decorations which are new features of the upcoming Recommenders 2.0 release.

If you want to give this engine a try (and please do so and provide some feedback), you have to install Code Recommenders latest and greatest Milestone 2 build from [1], and download the plugin into your eclipse/dropins folder from [2]. Restart Eclipse and you should get smarter type proposals...


Smarter Type Proposals
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