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Leveraging the Big (Software Engineering) Data to improve IDEs and development processes
Leveraging the Big (Software Engineering) Data to improve IDEs and development processes

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On the way to SR1 we just release 2.2.3 with some minor bug fixes. Fetch the update directly from the Eclipse Marketplace..

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Noteworthy: v2.1.14 comes with an experimental subtype aware code completion. Watch this video to learn more...

v2.1.14 has been released with many performance updates and bug fixes. Check out for details.

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New Release: 2.1.12 improves stability under Luna, Mars. Read what else changed… 

Released 2.1.4 today. See for a (short) list of changes. Update if completions on "this" or "super" did not work reliably for you or the API docs view stopped working suddenly for overrides and self-call recommendations.

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[blog] Improved proxy support and more snipmatch goodies: Code Recommenders 2.1.3 and Codetrails Connect 1.2.5 released... enjoy!

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[ea] 2.1.2 RC available

* Major improvements in proxy handling - if you ever had trouble using Code Recommenders behind proxies (or Code Recommenders didn't work for you and you were behind a proxy) please give this RC a quick spin and whether it works for you now.

* : several improvements to "Create snippet…" command (no imports for java.lang, no empty imports, better handling of redefined variables

* On-the-fly #snipmatch snippet validation – Creating snippets with JFace is sometimes more troubling than expected. Thus, we introduce an immediate feedback when the snippet becomes invalid (see screenshot)

Happy Snipmatching!


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Great to see #Scout adapting #Snipmatch that quickly! Heads up: Snipmatch 2.1.2 will be released on 30.07. with small UX improvements like basic snippet validation.
We have to use #Snipmatch (from the +Code Recommenders team) with +Eclipse Scout.

If you use the Java editor more often than  the Scout Properties View, you should read this blog post.

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[blog] Just released Code Recommenders and Snipmatch 2.1.1 with some tiny but cool new features...
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