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Has anyone fiddled with the chrome web store? Seems kinda interesting. I took a crack at adding Captain Forever up there.

This is a fun idea. Does it still happen? How and when will I know that it is happening? Happen happen happen.

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Whoa! Science fiction without space ships!

The silk gatherer IF game was rather good too.
The first five minutes of my lo-fi sci-fi movie Ghosts With Shit Jobs. Introducing the digital janitor! More at

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I'm running an as-long-as-it's-profitable sale! Details are in the blog post, but basically I've dropped the price for Captain Jameson etc to $9 for as long as it's profitable. I have no idea how long that'll be!

Oh, and Captain Jameson build 0.5 is out.
And I added a gifting system.
And WOO!

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Captain Jameson 0.4 Alpha is online!
Now I'm wondering what to add next. Any suggestions?

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Double Post! Here's a quick preview of some new features in Captain Jameson 0.4.

The atmosphere refills your oxy tank, so you don't need to fiddle about with the interface so much or fear asphyxiation when engaging with civilization.

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Oh hey, here's the big secret project I've been working on.

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Aww, bless. The Captain Forever community are running a video contest. I heartily endorse any and every attempt made by persons other than myself to promote my work. Deets in the link, if you're interested.
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