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John Vanover
An Engineer and generally nerdy guy.
An Engineer and generally nerdy guy.

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Another great show! I wanted those Karate Kid figures back in the day, but they were totally uncool for a freshman in HS to buy..

What the heck happened on Glee Project last night? SPOILER - While I was tweeting, Traci was watching, and I was half paying attention until the judging. So Hannah gets up, does okay. The judges say that she "is the show" as she shows her vulnerability. (If you watch the way the promos for the show are done, somebody liked her in the editing room.) Then the judges admit the dreadlocks guy is one dimensional. After all that, they cut Hannah? I don't get it.

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Bound Between, Chapter 2 is now available. Strange things happen to Ezekiel on the trail.
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