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The day started out very early in
the morning, or should I say late at night? The group had to be out of the door
by 3 am and on the bus to the airport. We weighed our luggage to make sure it
was less than 50 pounds and the hotel provided us lunch bags for ...

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Last day :(
Today we finally came to a bitter-sweet ending to this amazing journey.  Last night the majority of us went to one of Prague's most famous pub crawls where we travel across the old town area with a group of 700 some people to 4 different bars.  Long story s...

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Saturday was an eventful day of spur of the moment
activities. We had a free day since we are officially done with all our
business visits, so everyone just went their separate ways for the day to do
their own thing. Several went shopping, some went paddle ...

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Nearing the end of our journey...
We are coming up on our last weekend in Europe, and we rounded out our last Friday here with two visits-- one to Hewlett-Packard Czech Republic and the other to Prague College. At HP we were given a presentation by their head of talent acquisition.  She tal...

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Even when we lose, we win.
This morning
we woke up for a presentation, but we didn’t have to go far. We had a meeting
with Vladimir Kosek from Johnson & Johnson and he came right to our hotel
to give us his presentation. Johnson & Johnson is a company that we all
know from their baby...

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T Mobile and Avast Software visits
Today we had two business visits which were T Mobile and Avast software.  After waking up extra early to try and find who had the iron and ironing board, I went down to the hotel breakfast which was somewhat disappointing compared to the other two hotel bre...

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Prague (Praha)
Today we began our final leg in our
adventures. We started out by leaving the hotel via bus around 8:15am to head
to the train station where we had to say our goodbyes to Manuela. We then
boarded a train to Praha otherwise known as Prague at approximately 9...

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Last Day in Vienna :'(
Today marked the end of the second leg of our trip.  It is pretty sad, because this city had so much to offer and so many beautiful sights to see that I really am going to miss it.  Yesterday was a super exciting day filled with lots of walking.  We all vis...

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Living like Royalty
The day started out with a lot of
dragging feet. The hours of walking and the late nights are starting to catch
up with the group. Many of us either skipped breakfast or grabbed some to go,
leaving us with even less energy for the day. We left the hotel wit...

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Today our guide Manuela met us at the hotel where we headed to the royal Hapsburg family's Imperial Palace.  On the way there we walked past a lot of art museums, as well as the Museum of Fine Arts and the Museum of Natural History.  The entrance to the pal...
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