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Douglas Kelly
Getting all Circular and Plussy
Getting all Circular and Plussy

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Anyone doing anything with their May Pole today? #MayDay  

Just got a verbal from a new client. This after a crazy bizarre call. I'm going to go download "Roller Coaster" by The Ohio Players

Happy New Year. In 2013, my resolution is to use G+ more. 

Who did a Google Hangout over the holiday weekend?

"I like coffee." Here's another great one: "What type of cheese do you like?" I know, I know!: "How's your brand (" Or: "Do you use LinkedIn for business? ("

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not that I used it much...

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Read this - then find a way to contact your legislators. Fill out a petition. Stop this bill.

Is it Blue Monday already?

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How many brands will you follow?
Check out all the brands on Google+

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Share if if you can read it !!!
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