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I'd like to try out rr ROM on my samsung galaxy s4 i9505 but i am unable to access the latest ROM that is 5.3.8.The link in the forum and XDA is broken.I registered to datahost and then i get a black page when i click on the ROM link :( download page from rr forum redirects me to old ROMS that is 5.3.1 , 5.2.7 5.2.8 :( please share the right link thank you. is here a way to make S cover work?please let me know a work around for it if possible thank you 

Hello ,
I'd like to install cm on my sister in law's phone ie ; Samsung galaxy s3 i9300. The stock unrooted tw ROM keeps rebooting randomly. Not sure what is the problem.. Please recommend me a stable build so she could use it as a daily driver sans the reboots ..Ty.. 

My vision and thoughts for kitkat update for our phones.. I might be wrong too.. Since Samsung is going to release S5 in the month of April they might as well delay the update up-to April so that the sales might go up with the obvious reason that S5 will be released with kitkat... though the leaked builds of s4  suggest they could actually send updates by February-march.Lets hope for the best :) Its a good thing that i actually bought i9505 the lte version of s4 so i would be getting faster updates than i9500.. But i feel its worth waiting.Its better to have a bug free update than to break your head after u receive updates quickly and get to know after the update that certain things are not working and hunt and waste your time  to squash the bug :D ..let me know what you all think :) 

ok guys not sure if this is already posted but please need your help..
My brother is planning to buy nexus 7 2013 my question does it support otg cable or should u root it to make it possible?

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What do u all think? Buzz launcher and custom widgets. All credit goes to original owner of the theme

I seem to have a bug after updating to 4.3. After clicking photos my phone hangs for a second and the photos that I took is gone meaning to say all photos stored on my sd card is lost :(( works fine with internal storage though..any ideas how to fix this problem?
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