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Giles McGarry
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Giles McGarry

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Please please help +Luca Cesari find his stolen gear

One of my biggest fears came into reality yesterday.

My camera bag, full of almost everything I own has been stolen. (except for a 200€ flashgun I accidentally left at home).

It all happened while I was having lunch, at 2 o’clock in the afternoon in a small bar in the city center of Milan. My backpack was between my chair (which I never left) and a solid concrete wall; I still can’t believe they succeeded in taking that cumbersome 10+kg backpack without me even noticing. 
Side note – just to give you a smile: I was drinking still water at the time.

It’s pretty hard to get insured if you’re not a professional here in Italy, so no chance of getting ANY money back.

Just below my personal information you will find a list of the stolen items; some are definitely uncommon like my infra red converted 5D MKII (their are not many 5d Mark II custom converted for infrared around), so please keep an eye on them.

Still extremely sick about it, those of you who know me personally are aware that Photography is my life, and losing all this hard earned gear has created a deep big black hole inside me. I started building this system at the beginning of 2008, which means five years of effort have been cancelled in a few seconds.

I’m trying to react, and will immediately start to build a new camera system – I can’t think of my life without Photography – fully aware of the fact that some ***** can take away my gear, but they WON’T TAKE AWAY MY TALENT, PASSION and DEDICATION, which is all that matters.

Help me by sharing this as much as you can.

Here’s the list of the material which has been stolen.

EF 50 f/1.4 – sn: 33906527

EF 17-40 f/4 – sn: 01151166

TS-E 24 f/3.5 – sn: not available – I bought it used and don’t have the box.

EF 70-200 f/4 IS – sn:  00290139

5d Mark II (infrared 720 nm converted) – sn: 0230109880

5d Mark II – sn: 1831112414

2x LP-E6 Batteries

3x CF Transcend 16 gb

Lee Wide Angle Adapter Ring - 82 mm

Lee Filter Holder

Lee Big Stopper

Lee 0.9 ND Pro Glass

Lee 0.9 ND Resin

Lee 0.3 soft GND Resin

Lee 0.6 soft GND Resin

Lee 0.9 soft GND Resin

Hitech 0.9 Hard GND Resin

B+W Kasemann Slim Circular Polarizer 77mm

B+W ND110 77mm

Rode Videomic Pro Microphone

Lowepro Vertex 200 AW Backpack

And many other small accessories like a Manfrotto Bubble Level, remote control + wireless remote control, cleaning clothes and liquid, angle viewfinder, Lenspen, dust blower…

I can’t even remember everything....

Thank you.

Luca Cesari

 +39 340 906 6362
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Exactly right!... even if you lost it ALL...please remember that All Material things, CAN always be Replaced, think of the what If's...if those thieves, try to attempt against your LIFE, thank God!... you are . OK!!!... see . The potential and possibilities, you may never recover those items, that Are Extremely important To you, But, things always happen for a will find that reason eventually, You will see!!!... sorry again for your lost items, I Hope you are fine at this moment, believe, I have been there in those moments, thats why I can understand. .
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Giles McGarry

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Trinity Bridge Study

As I haven't been around here too much I thought I'd best show my face before the year ends.  This is a study of Santiago Calatrava's Trinity Bridge in Manchester iI undertook a couple of months ago on a trip to Manchester.  Its the first Calatrava structure I've ever seen and was hooked immediately.  The day was good for what I wanted with little or no cloud, blue skies and low direct sunlight illuminating the bridge against the sky.  Unfortunately the bridge is surrounded on all sides by pretty drab and un-interesting buildings so it was a bit of a challenge to get the right angles.  Its also the first study I've really undertook where I wanted to process the shots in the same way.  I'll definitely be doing more of this next year.

Anyway I do hope you all have a Merry Christmas and happy and prosperous New Year

#architecturalvisions  curated by +Julia Anna Gospodarou and +Joel Tjintjelaar 
#bwfineartle  curated by +Joel Tjintjelaar 
#plusphotoextract  curated by +Jarek Klimek 
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+Giles McGarry Very impressive work Giles....your processing is well
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Giles McGarry

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Fans of Photography in for a treat this winter in the UK with 7 must see photographic exhibitions in London between now and February next year.  
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Thanks for the tip +Giles McGarry! Some really interesting shows on your list. I'll try to get to them while I'm in London. Too bad I won't meet you too :)
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Giles McGarry

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Always a great pleasure to see new works from +Karen Atkinson - but to listen to them as well - just wonderful.  Listen and watch here
I've recorded a cover of The Legendary Pink Dots song, called Astrid - I was the vocalist on the original record too. This new version was just a home recording, however! The slideshow features a selection of my photographs - you should be able to hear it here :-))x
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A visionary always seeing BEYOND! !!, a tremendous talent needs to be recognized !! Thanks not Only for your talent, but mainly for sharing it with those who truly appreciate it .congrats! !!
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Giles McGarry

Location Suggestions  - 
The obvious choice for me is the Suffolk Norfolk coast as thats where I live. But I think the Doset coast coast offers such a variety of different opportunities that its worth a look at.  From Swanage in the east and its new and old piers, past Kimmeridge (not to mention Corfe Castle and its fogs), Durdle Door through to Portland Bill and onto to Lyme Regis with its iconic harbour in the west. Its a great coast to do in 3 days, and every bit is different - and everything is so dramatic.  Lots of places to stay enroute too.

I know Brighton / Shoreham would be the obvious place as everythings quite close you can be really stuffed with the weather there and get absolutely nothing, and most of the things you're going to photograph are all generally in the same direction.

Dorset coast albeit more spread out does give you a huge variety of locations some pointing south, others east and west, so if one place isn't favourable you can move to the next.  Lots of different tide configurations too.

#UKSeasidePhotowalk   #Photowalk  
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Yup that Welsh weather can be a real downer at times Ben ...but the travel is no problem for me ;)
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Giles McGarry

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I'm pleased to have been featured on the fantastic photography blog the D Photo by Diana Eftaiha.  There's a number of shots of mine going back in time quite some way - its actually nice to be reminded what I've done in the past - anyway the links here.  Also there's some great inspiration on Diana's site too - have a look around quite literally something for everyone
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Many congrats +Giles McGarry!  All well deserved.mate. 
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Giles McGarry

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I've never really been interviewed about my photography before - and in fact never really had to think about it, that changed a couple of weeks ago when Andrew asked to interview me - below is a link to that interview.  Big thanks to +Andrew S Gibson for his time.

There's also a series of interviews by other photographers all of which are well worth a read

#photography   #interview   #longexposure   #architecture  
An interview with Giles McGarry. Love his architectural work! #LongExposurePhotographyInterviews #LongExposurePhotography
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I really enjoyed to read the interview !!!  Interesting to know more about your vision on photography and to know the man behind such a beautiful work, +Giles McGarry !
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Giles McGarry

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New winner of LPOTY announced - Simon Butterworth for his Urban View image from Glasgow

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wow - quite a controversy!
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Giles McGarry

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After a recent spate of burglaries in my area I had a rethink on my backup solutions.  Its all well and good backing up to disk - but if those disks are at home and you get burgled or you have a fire, flod anything like that then your imagers will be lost for ever.  I decided to look online and found the Amazon Glacier service to be just what I needed - this is a blog post about why I chose this service, the yearly costs (for me less than $10 USD) and how you set it up. 
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+Giles McGarry what software are you using to access glacier?
I like the look of the servixce and pdicing but couldnt find good software to woek with it. You also need a net connection with good up speed.
At the moment i use godaddy online file folder for cloud storage its a great price upto 100gb so i have a couple of 100gb accounts which is a bit of a messy way to work. But it works, its reliable. I have in the past used a couple of the unlimted cheap services and found them unreliable and dropped them eventually.
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Giles McGarry

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A quick snap of the new view across East London from the Emirates Air Line - or the Thames Cable Car to you and I

#london   #cityscape   #cityscapephotography  
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That is lovely +Giles McGarry!  I love how you've lined everything up just so.  I am feeling your pain of not having a camera.  That is awful Giles!  Ok, I don't feel it literally, but I do feel the rib pain literally!  ;)
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