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Australian Designer Wedding Dresses, Veils and Headpieces
Australian Designer Wedding Dresses, Veils and Headpieces


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If you value your wedding and your wedding dress, it is wise to do your own due diligence before deciding which seamstress or alteration shop for your wedding dress.

How fit is your dress on your body will depend on two critical factors:
1. The sewing knowledge and pinning skill of the stylist; and
2. The bridal experience, sewing skills and reputations of your chosen seamstress.

You can find out the above about a seamstress or alteration shop simply by following the below 6 steps:
1. Research online by typing the business name on search engine like Google;
2. Visit its website and social media platforms;
3. Read its blog;
4. Watch its YouTube channel;
5. Read its online reviews; and
6. Email and call the business.
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A custom-made dress involves consultations, designing, pattern-making, cutting, sewing, fitting, more sewing and more fittings. For this reason, it is more expensive than buying one out of a catalogue or from a bridal shop. In order to make it more affordable, some sellers order a dress for brides in one of their standard sizes closest to their body measurements. These dresses are made-to-order rather than custom-made.

Honest sellers advertise these dresses as off-the-shelf or made-to-order. Dishonest sellers, however, tell you they are custom-made but indeed they are made-to-order.

If you pay for a custom-made dress, make sure you get what you pay for. But if you buy a made-to-order or off-the-shelf dress, make sure you control who will alter your dress. Do not simply let your seller does your alterations nor simply trust their referrals without first doing your own due diligence.

Read our next blog post to learn how to do your own due diligence on a seamstress or alteration shop.
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9 Useful Tips on choosing your wedding dress alteration seamstress:

We have a few useful tips for brides on choosing the right wedding dress alteration seamstress. You can avoid a lot of headaches simply by following these tips when you start looking for the right seamstress to alter your beloved dress.

1. Use a wedding dress specialist rather than a general clothing alteration seamstress or tailor. The seamstress or tailor who knows how to alter suits and jeans may not know how to pin and alter a wedding dress.

2. Fitting and pinning are usually done by a seamstress or tailor up-close to your body. Therefore for brides who prefer privacy and comfortable fitting sessions, a seamstress (female) rather than a tailor (male) may be a better option.

3. Do not simply use one of the seamstresses the boutique salesperson suggested or referred you to, just because you bought the dress from them. Do your own due diligence to ensure they are a proper business with the correct business phone number, an up-to-date website, business registration and insurances etc.

4. Home-based seamstresses are acceptable as long as they have proper security and business insurances to protect your beloved wedding dress from fire, water and burglary as well as your personal safety while you are there.

5. If time is crucial for you, you must not let the shop salesperson ships your wedding dress back to the supplier or to overseas for alterations.

6. Do your own research online using search engines like Google. Read the seamstresses’ website and their social media. Most importantly, read their customer reviews and testimonials to ensure they have the right experience and proven track records to properly do the job.

7. Find out how easy and efficient your seamstress can communicate with you thoughout your wedding dress alteration period. As a minimum, your chosen seamstress must be able to speak well and type in English. Preferrably she should have a variety of means for you to keep contact with her, eg. phone, sms, email, face-to-face etc.

8. The place where you do your fitting and pinning is also very important. Firstly, make sure the floor is clean enough for your white wedding dress. Secondly, check whether the place has enough privacy for you to change clothes and do your fittings. Eg. the change room should not be right next to the entrance.

9. If your wedding dress is a designer brand or an expensive one, your chosen seamstress must have good experience in handling and altering coutures. It would be even better if she comes from designer background with skills in couture pattern making and sample making.

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7 useful tips for a happy life:
- Eat healthy, drink healthy, act healthy and think healthy.
- Be grateful of what you have and not be jealous of others.
- Understand money can only form part of your success, and not all.
- Have an open and relaxed mind.
- Don't get angry with yourself and don't throw your anger on others.
- Don't blame others for your own mistakes.
- Smile and keep smiling.
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