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Backgammon Online for iOS & OS X
Backgammon Online for iOS & OS X

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We wish all players good luck in 2015 and happy holidays!

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Version 2.4 

This update brings you an improved chat experience for those of you who like to socialize! 

• You can now toggle the appearance of chat messages in the board display for the different chatroom types (Game Chat, Public FIBS Chat, Ordinary Chats) 
• Tap the board display to show older chat messages. A go-to-chat button brings up the corresponding chatroom 
• You can now copy text from chat messages. Links are detected and can be tapped to bring up the browser 

• Some minor interface improvements 
• Various bug fixes


we wish all players and customers happy holidays and good luck in 2013 #backgammon

One of only two expertly-written programs ★★★★★
by mjseik - Version 1.1 - Nov 13, 2012

The FIBS program is only one of two backgammon interfaces written by and for top-level backgammon players. The other is BGBlitz by Frank Berger. The bots have been intelligently and thoughtfully developed over many years, and are unlike any backgammon programs available online today. Access to FIBS became difficult until now, thanks to this app. There is a difference between getting beaten by an expertly-programmed and refined bot and a bot that has stacked algorithms to make it appear they have the edge. 99% of the programs do not have the expertise, and definitely do not take the time, to write an intelligent program. If you really want to learn backgammon, FIBS (or on your computer, BGBlitz) is the way to go.

23. November Black Friday shopping #backgammon 

Backgammon Online V 1.1 for OSX is out now. Whats new?

• Pip counts can now be disabled 
• You can now double click an empty stack to move two tiles onto it 
• Players can now be added to the friends and blocked players lists by typing them in. Just tap on the plus button of the list entries 
• The public FIBS chat can now be hidden 
• Minor bugfixes

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screenshot from the OSX Version

we are ready for iPhone 5 and iPad mini - good luck #backgammon

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play backgammon worldwide with real people or against gammon bots on your iOS  device. Playing with multitouch has never felt so natural! There is also a OSX version available. Have fun and good luck! 
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