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Michelle Tan
Michelle Tan | 19 | Female | Filipino-Spanish-Chinese | THE UNFINISHED CHAPTER | Battery-Operated since 300 B.C.
Michelle Tan | 19 | Female | Filipino-Spanish-Chinese | THE UNFINISHED CHAPTER | Battery-Operated since 300 B.C.

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STOP Hating Yourself
You might think you hate
yourself, but you don ’ t. With what ’ s happening around the world to what ’ s
happening to yours, you can ’ t fathom the fact that maybe it ’ s
too much or too little of apathy that ’ s causing the clash. Whether you care less or ...

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four Saturdays, I watched myself fade from my social life. I ran out of ideas,
creativity, and drive to commit and restore my presence in Mademichelle. I was
obsessed with perfection to the point that I object any form of spontaneous
actions. One

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The Black Swan
it ’ s safe to say that puberty catapults one from the
ugly duckling to the beautiful swan stage, still what kind of swan have you
turned into? It ’ s no excuse that I ’ m no child at
twenty-one and equally frightening expectations from reality. Yo...

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Saving Sammy
          Too early to post this month ’ s Sunday
Reflections but it seemed like an obligatory action to do so. Since the peak of
the hype 13 Reasons Why and the increase of Mental Health Awareness, I prompt
to write by sharing my voice. Yet it wasn ’ t eno...

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         One lazy Saturday afternoon — I swipe from left
to right people ’ s response to the question “ What
advice would you give to the person who is now dating your recent ex? ” I attempt to click exit but my fingers translated the gesture because it kno...

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Sally’s Suicide Letter
Dearest Reader, Just
by reading the title, you know what this is about. Don ’ t
be fooled however, there is more to it than it seems. I am not encouraging you
to do the same but I ’ ll tell you a few things I learned before The End.
First, refrain from call...

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 Warning: Explicit content!          As I arrive back to my classroom coming from the girl ’ s
bathroom, I saw the pages of my Biology book torn; some pages crumpled,
wrecked, destroyed, but still intact with its spine. I flip through each page
and notice “...

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makes a makeup great? Other than the usual finds of a great brand — i.e.
coverage, long lasting, natural looking, affordable price — it
must also help your skin recover from the harsh damages it battles in a day. After months of reading good r...

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An Old Soul—and her greatest fears
“ Sometimes
following your heart means losing your mind. ” – Anonymous          When random flashes of light reminds
you of him — his perfume,
his hair, his bag — moments of
gold that you barely recall will, in an instant, bring you back in time and
space t...

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I Won't ask for it
Hope  is lost... Life is found. The story of "There was Never an Us!" For someone so selfish as him, Who threw a diamond for a shiny rock. Another reason why I trust no one, is due to people Like you. somehow you managed to trick me into being Engaged with ...
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